Jill Stein Drops A Nuke On Bill Clinton After He Claims Russia Helped Her

Bill Clinton, Jill Stein via libertyviral.com and CNN Screen Grab

Former President Bill Clinton has re-sparked controversy, while promoting his new book with co-author James Patterson.

Clinton and Patterson are on a tour, promoting their book The President Is Missing, and Clinton is using the opportunity to try and push the Russia narrative, as he was seen doing just the other day. Only this time it was Jill Stein who Bill Clinton targeted in his latest attack. Video Below

During the recent TimesTalk event, Clinton took aim at Green Party candidate Stein. He pretty much said Russia helped Stein get the edge in states that mattered and helped steal the election from Hillary.

Clinton is heard saying:

“Do we know whether it would have made a difference or not? We don’t. We know that Jill Stein, the preferred alternative of the Russians, got more––the difference in her vote in 2012 and 2016 was more than the difference in the election in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. That doesn’t mean the Russians did it, but it makes you scratch your head anyway.”

Stein wasn’t it having it though and bombed Clinton with a side to the Russian story that he wishes would be swept under the rug. Video Below

Stein, who was infuriated by Clinton’s remarks, said:

“Bill Clinton called me the “preferred Russian alternative”. He knows Russian preferences, having made $500K for a single speech from the Russian bank promoting the Uranium One deal that awaited HRC’s approval.

Unlike Bill, I paid my own way & my speech was about making peace.” See Below


Jill Stein was not about to let Bill Clinton off the hook without a jab of her own. And it hit him where it counts!

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President Trump has often called out Robert Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ to look into the Clintons’ solid connection to the Russians. And that he is looking in all the wrong places. Apparently, Stein would agree with Trump’s assessment.

Here is video of Clinton making his remarks directed at Stein.

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