Rep. Gohmert Just Revealed The Real Reason Mueller Is Covering Up His Tracks & Leading A Witch Hunt

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Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) interviewed on Fox & Friends Saturday morning laying waste to Robert Mueller and his phony witch hunt.

Gohmert discussed the new amendment that just passed in the House calling for an audit of Mueller’s multi-million dollar witch hunt. (Videos Below)

Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Sunday that not only is Mueller wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, he’s covering up his own involvement in the Uranium One scandal while trying to have a coup against the President.

“He’s wasted money right and left–amazingly he’s hired people like Weissmann that worked with him and Rosenstein in investigating the Russian illegal efforts to obtain our Uranium which they quashed information in order to allow the sale to go through so that Hillary could get the $145 million for her foundation. So it is really outrageous–he’s covering for himself, at the same time he’s trying to have a coup against the President,” Gohmert said.

On Friday, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced an amendment to audit Mueller’s phony multi-million dollar witch hunt.

The House voted 207-201 to attach the language to a veterans, military construction, and energy and water spending bill that was headed to pass Friday, reported the Examiner(Videos Below)

Politico estimates to be $17 million total spent on the Russia probe in the first 10.5 months.

The witch hunt must end and stop wasting American tax payer money.

(Videos Below)

Mark Meadows tweeted, “This amendment PASSED earlier today. It will require special counsels to undergo a semiannual audit from the GAO on their expenses. This is a big win for taxpayers–special counsels shouldn’t be able to avoid accountability on where they spend Americans’ money.” (Video Below)

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