Pence Steps To The Podium & Reveals One Thing About Being VP That Brings The Crowd To Their Feet

Mike Pence speaking at Southern Baptist Convention via FOX Screengrab

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence was in Austin, TX and delivered a high-powered speech at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting.

Pence’s speech was memorable, to say the least, as attendants of the convention repeatedly gave standing ovations. But one particular aspect of his speech brought the entire room to their toes. Video Below

Pence touted key accomplishments that have occurred under his watch as Vice President to Donald Trump, including establishing a stronger alliance with Israel, dismantling the Iran deal, destroying ISIS, working out a deal to de-nuclearize North Korea and protecting those who practice the Christian faith

But most importantly, Pence gave notice to he and President Trump’s continuous fight for the sanctity of human life.

Pence stressed that “President Trump is the most pro-life President in American history,” which caused the crowd to roar.

But the VP then brought out the highest level of excitement with his statement that followed. Video Below

After declaring that Trump is the most pro-life President ever, Pence mentioned a major tie-breaking vote he made that moved the country one step closer to defunding Planned Parenthood.

Pence said:

“It was my honor as Vice President to cast the tie-breaking vote to allow states across America to defund Planned Parenthood.” Video Below


Pence was referring to a tie-breaking vote he made back in March that allowed the Senate to advance legislation that rolls back rules preventing states from withholding certain federal funds to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, as per The LA Times.

Pence’s remarks reassures the rest of America that President Trump’s Administration has no plans of backing down on their abortion stance, which will is great news for the Christian Conservative community.

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