CHECK-MATE: Gowdy & Goodlatte Stomp Their Feet, Crush Strzok With Perfect Ultimatum

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As what has been highly been circulated on Thursday, Michael Horowitz finally released his highly-anticipated IG report into the handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. And what was uncovered about key players of the FBI is quite shocking, to say the least.

Most of the focus throughout the day has primarily been on former FBI Director James Comey, whose statements over time are not panning out to lean towards the truthful side. However, Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Bob Goudlatte have their minds set on one FBI operative, in particular, who they think needs some special attention after reading the report in full. And that person is none other than Peter Strzok. Video Below

Strzok lead key aspects of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email case and was lead investigator of the Russia probe. And some of his texts, which were earlier redacted, show just how biased he was and probably still is towards President Trump.

While speaking with Gowdy and Goodlatte, Brett Baier brought forth new texts that were unredacted between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The texts suggest that not only does Strzok scorn Trump, but he also had the mind-set that he should be not become President, and even showed he was willing to stop it from happening.

After being asked by Page if Trump is going to be President, texts showed Strzok replying with, “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” And then a month later, Strzok said, “Viva le resistance,” when asked by Page if he was rethinking his commitment to the Trump Administration.

This along with many other of the facts located in the 500+ page, “thorough” IG report concerns both Goodlatte and Gowdy. Despite some analysts and attorneys saying the new information proves no bias in the FBI, the pair of congressmen laid down an ultimatum that should help set the record straight once and for all. Video Below

Gowdy started it off on the “bitterly disappointing report” and said it was a dark day for the FBI and DOJ…two departments that America desperately needs to have confidence in. And he said of Strzok:

“This level of bias and animus…not only did he want to stop the Trump campaign, he wanted to stop the Trump presidency.”

Gowdy said it’s troubling that after Trump won, Strzok jumped over to the Mueller probe in an attempt to help impeach the President, which is something his earlier texts showed he had ambitions for. Gowdy says there are consequences to Strzok’s actions.Video Below

Goodlatte added to Gowdy’s statement and said there was clearly special treatment given to Hillary Clinton during her investigation, especially since Strzok showed clear Anti-Trump bias.

And Goodlatte said it’s unfortunate to the thousands of agents that, “a small number of people in the hierarchy of the organization have caused serious damage.”

Goodlatte and Gowdy then issued what the next step should be now that more of the truth is out about Strzok. Gowdy said of Strzok:

“You come before Congress. You come before the American public and prove to us that your manifest animus towards Donald Trump did not affect your decisions.”

And Goodlatte then took it a step further when he said:

“We’ve been requesting that he be produced as a witness for quite some time now. And if that agreement is not reached, we are very shortly going to issue a subpoena for him to appear.”

Video Below


How do you feel about the ultimatum that Gowdy and Goodlatte just laid out for Strzok to come clean? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!