Nunes Lights Up DOJ After Finding Out They Obstructed A Congressional Investigation

Devin Nunes and Rod Rosenstein via Fox Screen Grab, Wonkette

On Thursday evening, House Intel chair Devin Nunes appeared on Laura Ingraham’s program on Fox to shine some more light on the IG report that was released earlier in the day.

More answers are finally out, however, Nunes appeared to be frustrated as it now all leads to more questions–not only about key players of the FBI and their attempt to overthrow the President, but why it took so long to for the information to be released by the DOJ. Video Below

Although Nunes believes Peter Strzok’s text messages that were released in the IG report are very implicating, he says there’s something else about those text messages that’s even worse. Nunes said:

“Worse than all of that, worse than all of that. I want to repeat myself. Why wasn’t that given to Congress? Why did I find out about that today at noon?”

The House Intel chair went even further and claimed:

“This is a classic case of obstruction, but who’s going to investigate these guys?” Video Below

Nunes went on and chastised the Rod Rosenstein and DOJ for continuing to withhold “pertinent information” related to Congressional investigations. And he is confident that over time, he will fight until he gets all documents related to their cases.

Nunes made the following charge about Rod Rosenstein and company:

“The same people in charge today still believe they can run the clock out. And they’re trying to run the clock out for the rest of this Congress, so that we can not finish our investigations.” Video Below

Nunes Lights Up The DOJ

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