Grassley Silenced The Entire Senate When He Revealed What The FBI & DOJ Is Covering Up

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Monday the Senate held a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray and Inspector General Michael Horowitz where they were asked a number of questions after the release of the IG Report.

Senator Chuck Grassley opened first where he grilled the IG over his findings. (Video Below)

During the hearing, Senator Chuck Grassley slammed the FBI and James Comey in his opening statement of Clinton email probe hearing.

Grassley stated that Comey couldn’t make it to the hearing because he was “out of the country,” but Grassley pointed out that Comey was seen in Iowa, sending out messages on his Twitter feed, and making time for book tours and television interviews, but apparently no time to assist the committee which has primary jurisdiction over the Justice Department.

Then, he ripped former AG Loretta Lynch for not showing. He said, “the need for transparency does not end when senior officials are fired or quit. Grassley also noted that Andrew McCabe was not there. Grassley said it is a shame because they should be asking them how all of this happened on their watch.

Grassley proceeded to talk about the anti-Trump messages at the FBI and explained that the Inspector General referred all five of the people that were sending the messages for violations of the FBI code of conduct. The five FBI agents involved were on the 15 member team that was investigating Hillary Clinton, who later ended up on the Mueller investigation. (Video Below)

Grassley declared that if the Inspector General had not found the anti-Trump texts that those five FBI agents would still be working on Muellers team and texting about how they despise President Trump and everyone that voted for him. He added that they would still be plotting about how to use their official positions to stop him and we wouldn’t know about it.

Grassley urged everyone to remember these facts every time you hear the press or democrats claim the report found no bias. They will use talking points, but don’t be fooled.

Robert Mueller obviously removed them because of political bias. (Video Below)

Grassley went on to say that the report confirms exactly what the American people have suspected. Hillary Clinton got the kid-glove treatment compared to the Russian probe. The biggest difference is the Special Counsel and AG Lynch refused to appoint one. The appearance of political influence was inevitable.

Next, Grassley name off some major differences with the Clinton investigation vs Russia probe. Here are a few:

Grassley: Under Lynch, Comey drafted a public exoneration of Clinton before 17 key witnesses were interviewed.Under Rosenstein,no one seriously thinks Robert Mueller would plan a press conference to exonerate Trump before his investigators’ work is done.

Grassley: Under Rosenstein,a low-level Trump campaign associate provided the wrong date for a conversation with a professor and got charged with lying to the FBI. (Video Below)

Grassley: Under Lynch, Clinton’s lawyers and aides who improperly held classified information got carefully crafted agreements to limit searches of their computers by consent. Under Rosenstein, Trump’s lawyers and former aides got raided and hauled before grand juries.

Grassley also slammed Comey when he said, “Now we have these senior FBI officials caught red handed by their texts. I just want to remind everyone that former Director Comey said on multiple occasions of what he said. He said, ‘his people at the FBI did not give tips or give a rip a about politics. Sometimes he said they didn’t give a hoot about them.'”

He continued, “Whether it was a rip or a hoot, either way…HE [COMEY] WAS FLAT WRONG!” 

WATCH the explosive opening from Sen Chuck Grassley below:


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