Crooked H Will Be Sick When She Sees What Ben Sasse Just Exposed On The Senate Floor

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On Capitol Hill, Christopher Wray, FBI Director and Michael Horowitz, Inspector General were in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate.

They were openly answering questions about the Hillary Clinton email scandal that the Senator’s were asking of the pair. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nebraska’s Republican Senator, Ben Sasse was on the Senate floor. And he asked ALL the right questions of Horowitz and Wray.

Specifically, what Sasse asked, brought to light what the corrupt attorney’s did for Hillary during her email scandal. And it was possibly, criminal.

The exchange begins with Sasse asking, “Mr. Horowitz, can you remind us of who Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills are?”

Horowitz replies, “Ms. Mills was a counselor for the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure. And Ms. Samuelson was also in the front office.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then Ben asks the Inspector General, “Why do they show up in your report?”

And Horowitz replies:

“Well for several reasons, he states. He continues, “On the one hand, after they left the State department. They culled through Hillary Clinton’s emails to decide which ones they concluded were work related and which ones weren’t. And the ones’ they concluded were work related were ultimately forwarded to the State Department. So they were involved in that process. In addition, they appear as we describe here at Secretary Clinton’s interview on July 2nd, representing her as her lawyer.”

Sasse asks if there was criminal behavior? And Horowitz intonates that they were ultimately involved in the instruction of the destruction of what they concluded were not work related emails.

Sasse asks Director Wray, if there was ever another investigation, “where people were potentially involved in the destruction of criminal evidence [and] would be allowed to accompany a supposed subject of an investigation but not named target subject in the investigation? Any example? Anywhere like that?”

Wray answers with a grin on his face, “It’s hard for me to come up with one.” 

WATCH full exchange below between Senator Sasse and Wray and Horowitz! 

In closing, are you glad to see that the word “criminal behavior” is actually being used in reference to the Hillary Clinton email scandal?