As Rumors Fly Around The Chambers, Gowdy Snuffs Them Out With These Five Words

Trey Gowdy squashes rumors in adjourning speech. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture from AHG.Trey Gowdy squashes rumors in adjourning speech. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture from AHG.

In the closing statement, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman,Trey Gowdy dispelled any rumors flying around the chambers! After a long day of questioning Michael Horowitz and the Inspector General’s report, the rumors were out of control.

Specifically, the Democrats were starting to chime in that it wasn’t necessary for the Judiciary Committee to have this hearing. And Gowdy was having NO PART of their partisan politics.

The Chairman addressed the rumors that began circulating. He put them out with one big dose of confidence and truth. And Gowdy is right. It’s true, the American people deserve to believe in the highest law offices in the land. 

Gowdy responds directly to Horowitz, and to the growing talk that the hearing was not necessary. He says, “There is NOTHING more important. And nothing is ever more urgent than us having CONFIDENCE IN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM.” 

Then the South Carolina House of Representative’s Chairman says, “I will apologize to NO-ONE for having a hearing on your report.”

Trey then went on to compliment the work done on the Inspector General’s report. Yet, he made it clear that he would rather see a report that was wrong in it’s assessment than it not being fair.

Basically, Trey was saying that there was bias indicated in the report. And Horowitz’s conclusion that there was “no bias” was most likely not correct according to the fact pattern that was presented in the report.

Trey adjourns the meeting by reminding everyone that, “People are welcome to draw different conclusions. But they are not entitled to their own version of the facts.”

WATCH as Trey puts the rumors to rest. 

Do you agree with Trey? Was there bias in the Inspector General’s report? Can Horowitz live with being wrong?