PAYBACK: Nikki Haley Rocks The U.N. With Ultimate Revenge For Spitting On Israel

USA withdraws from UN Human Rights council. Image credit to USA4Trump enhancement and screen capture.USA withdraws from UN Human Rights council. Image credit to USA4Trump enhancement and screen capture.

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the U.N. for the United States, just pulled the plug on the fake human right’s council at the United Nations.

Specifically, Haley announced that America has WITHDRAWN from the Human Right’s Council at the United Nations.

Haley says, “for too long, the Human Right’s Council has been a PROTECTOR of Human Right’s Abusers. And a CESSPOOL of political bias.” She then tells them that her call for reform has not been heeded.

As a result, she says, “The United States is officially withdrawing from the U.N.’s Human Right’s Council.

Haley wants to “make it crystal clear, that this step is NOT a retreat from Human right’s commitments.” But rather a step to ensure that the United States is not a part of a “hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a MOCKERY out of Human Rights.” 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, introduces the U.N.’s Nikki Haley and says: “She has been a fierce defender of human right’s around the world.”   

Pompeo says some of the biggest abusers of Human Right’s sit on the council. Furthermore, it has FAILED. Moreover, China, Cuba and Venezuela sit on the council. And they have some of the worst human rights violations on the planet!

We will not take lectures from hypocritical bodies and institutions as American’s give their blood and treasure to help the defenseless,” Pompeo said.

WATCH as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo introduces Haley and lets the world know that God has given rights to the people and NOT government: 

WATCH as Nikki announces the withdrawal of America from the fake U.N. Human Right’s Council: 

Are you glad to see that America will no longer be funding the Human Right’s council of the United Nations? And now, they will have to pick up their own dime as they continue to commit atrocities against humankind?