Devin Nunes Throws Down The Ten-Ton Hammer On The DOJ With A Monster Ultimatum

Nunes demands specific documents by 5pm Monday. Image Source: Twitter, Vice News & Trending News 24. US4Trump Compilation.Nunes demands specific documents by 5pm Monday. Image Source: Twitter, Vice News & Trending News 24. US4Trump Compilation.

Devin Nunes (CA-R) and Bob Goodlatte (VA-R), House Judiciary Committee Chairman have laid it down to the DOJ and FBI. They want the documents that the DOJ is not forking over.

The documents must be received by Monday at 5 p.m. Or the House will move forward with the next proceedings! Which may include obstruction and the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein! (VIDEO BELOW)

Additionally, The Gateway Pundit reports, “Rep. Devin Nunes sent a new letter to the DOJ on Sunday. Nunes is giving Rosenstein and the DOJ until Monday at 5 PM to turn over the rest of the documents on the illegal spying on the Trump campaign. Rep. Nunes wants the DOJ to reveal when the spying on the Trump campaign began.”

Gateway continues, “It is widely believed the spying took place before July 2016 when the DOJ previously said the spying began.”

Last night around 11 p.m. the DOJ sent a letter to Nunes after sending a partial list of the documents to the congressional committee. To read the two page letter from the FBI to Nunes in full, click here.

Earlier today, Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, reports that Nunes will be a sending a letter back to Rosenstein, saying, “Look, you haven’t given us everything. You have a new deadline of Monday at 5 p.m.”

Specifically, Maria then lists what Nunes and company want to know from Rod Rosenstein: (VIDEO BELOW)

A.) Who is responsible for ignoring the requests for information from the DOJ and FBI? Wray or yourself? And B.) Did the FBI use ‘informants’ (spies) against members or associates of the Trump campaign? How many? And how much money was spent on them?

In a separate wave of documents, Bob Goodlatte says about his documents that they, “…are promised to us by five o’clock tomorrow.” He says he is looking forward to seeing them. And then says, “we would prefer to have them produced voluntarily rather than use  more subpoenas but we’ll do whatever it takes to get the information that leads us to the TRUTH.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch video below: 

In ending, do you think Devin and team will go though with it if they don’t get the documents by 5pm Monday, June 25th? Drop your comments below and click the subscribe button for more!