Judge Jeanine Blows Roof Off The Building After Detecting The Swamp’s New Disguise

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump.com

Saturday night in her opening, Judge Jeanine was on absolute fire ripping democrats to shreds.

She pointed out their double standards, phony lies, fake outrage, and hypocrisy. (Video Below)

Judge Jeanine in her opening laid waste to all of the fake outrage that conveniently occurred this week after the IG report dropped.

Democrats this found a distraction to interrupt the big story of the week- Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Judge Jeanine explained what we are seeing in this country is beyond anything we have ever seen in American politics– political debate at the very heart of the founding of this country has devolved into political harassment and outright political abuse.

First, she brought up Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was told to leave at a restaurant in Virginia after placing her order. (RELATED: KARMA: After Kicking Sarah Sanders Out, Restaurant Suffers Brutal Consequences(Video Below)

The Judge explained next that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilson was screamed at and heckled out of a restaurant while eating her dinner. Additionally, protesters were outside her house this week.

Trump supporters are being harassed all across this country by a hysterical left who are not willing to accept the decision and will of the America people who put Donald Trump in office.

“These unhinged leftists are normalizing outrageous behavior which is only getting worse,” Judge Jeanine declared. (Video Below)

The Judge asked, “So why is all of this happening?” She continued,” Once the democrats 24/7 Russia-collusion illusion nonsense fizzled, because there was no evidence of wrong-doing or collusion-other than corruption on the part of those at the top level of the FBI and DOJ to frame Donald Trump, THE LEFT NEEDED A NEW ISSUE, a new deflection to some other made-up wrong doing on the part of Donald Trump.”

She went on by mimicking the left. “What to accuse him [Trump] of…. what can we blame him for now?”

Judge Jeanine pointed out that democrats defect to the inhumane separation of children from their families at the border, noting that there are laws in this country.

“When you cross the border into the United States illegally, expect to be arrested. You do not have the right to come here. We did not invite you here, and you cannot stay here. But on your way out, you can thank Bill Clinton and his flores settlement that requires children be taken away from their parents within 20 days of crossing the border.” She said.

Bush and Obama also signed into law that children cannot be detained at the border longer than 20 days under the Trafficking Victims Protection Acts.

Now everyone wants to go after President Trump. This is not something Trump created. (Video Below)

The Judge then slammed another one of President Trump’s critics.

She exclaimed, “George Bush did nothing about it. Barrack Obama did nothing about it. And by the way Laura Bush, we haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks for entering the fray and calling the removal of children cruel and inhumane. Why didn’t you just roll over one night and tell your husband, the President, that his zero-tolerance was cruel and inhumane?”

The left doesn’t care what the facts are. Politicians are willing to stand up and totally contradict themselves in their effort to create political chaos, hatred, and abuse.

Judge Jeanine showed clips of politicians who have been in office for years and never said a word until now.

We cannot allow our country to be overrun by illegal immigrants. The only resolution to this problem is to build the wall. Amnesty does nothing but create an incentive for additional crosses by illegals.

“Make no mistake, the democrats are simply looking for an issue for the 2018 midterms. And even if they have to lie, create false images and a movement to intimate Trump supporters, they will stop at nothing.”

Watch Judge Jeanine lay down the hammer below:


Do you agree with Judge Jeanine? Do you believe democrats are creating a fake outrage to cover for the IG report and are pancaking about midterms? They will do anything to keep their jobs, even if it means creating chaos. Drain the swamp!

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