CHARGES PRESSED: Maxine Sitting In Hot Swampy Waters After Going Berserk

Lisa Loomer presses charges on Maxine Waters. Image credit to US4trump screen capture enhancement.Lisa Loomer presses charges on Maxine Waters. Image credit to US4trump screen capture enhancement.

Woe! Mad Maxine Waters (CA-D) is up a creek! Or, in this case, perhaps, she’s up a SWAMP! Without her paddle, too!

The embattled California Rep Maxine Waters stepped up her swamp game. Now, she is assaulting journalists. Not just encouraging her minions to do her dirty work. (SEE VIDEO OF WATERS IN ACTION BELOW.)

Mad Max is doing what she asked her supporters to do. To harass Trump cabinet officials who are Trump supporters. The video is at the end of the article in James Woods’ tweet.

Trump supporter and journalist, Lisa Loomer is “pressing charges” against Maxine Waters. Yesterday, she filled out a police report. Lisa’s tweet is below:

BREAKING: Today I filed a police report w/ against . Yesterday when I confronted her on Capitol Hill, she ASSAULTED me. She hit my hand, then she swatted me in the face twice w/ her papers. I’m pressing charges against her.

In a follow up tweet, Lisa was accused of making up a false police report. Which it is not. Lisa provides the police report number.

Photo credit to Lisa Loomer and Big League Politics.

Lisa replies to the false accusation. She says, “False police report? That’s funny, because I played the video for and they said “wow, that’s clear cut assault. That’s a misdemeanor.” If Mad Maxine wants to claim it’s false, I’ll see her in court.

WATCH as Maxine swats the camera and Loomer! James Woods tweets, “Run, weasel, run!” 

In closing, after watching the video, do you agree with the Capitol Police? Is this a clear case of assault? Drop you comment below and weigh in!