DeSantis Silences The Room When He Asks Rosenstein Two Things That’s Irked Congress From The Start

Ron DeSantis (FL-R) grills Rod Rosenstein on recusing himself. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Ron DeSantis (FL-R) grills Rod Rosenstein on recusing himself. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

Rep Ron DeSantis (FL-R) was on a no-holds-barred-in-your-face-tongue-lashing in the House today! And, none other than embattled Rod Rosenstein was on the wrong end of THAT stick.

Furthermore, Rosenstein shamelessly refuses to answer most questions. And hides behind the classified information excuse. Rosenstein appears to be part of the ‘cover up’ team! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Initially, DeSantis began with asking about Strzok and quickly moved to Rosenstein himself! The Florida representative says, “you’re supervising Mueller. And its supposedly about collusion between Trump’s campaign with Russia and obstruction of justice.”

“But you wrote the memo saying [James] Comey should be fired! And you signed the FISA extension for Carter Page. My question to you is, it seems like you should be recused from this more so than Jeff Sessions because you were involved in making decisions affecting both prongs of this investigation. Why haven’t you done that?” DeSantis asks Rosenstein.

Rosenstein replies:

“Congressman, I can assure you that if it were appropriate for me to recuse, I would be more than happy to do so and let somebody else handle this, but it is my responsibility to do it.”

With a look of shock in his eyes, DeSantis jumps in with great skill and logic and says, “Then how do you have obstruction of justice possibility for a President exercising his powers to fire an FBI director that you said should be fired? And oh, by the way, the IG report makes it clear. Jim Comey should have been fired. So, why are we still doing this with the Mueller probe?

Rosenstein, who uses another stonewalling statement says, “Sir, I am not commenting on what is under investigation by the Mueller probe. And to the best of my knowledge, neither is Mr. Mueller. I know there is a lot of speculation in the media about that. But that doesn’t relieve me of my obligation not to discuss the subject matter of the investigation.”

WATCH as Rep DeSantis silences the room as he GRILLS Rod Rosenstein on recusing himself during the House Judiciary Committee hearing!

Rosenstein is NOT forking over the documents to the Congressional oversight committee. Why? Drop your idea of why he’s not forking them over below in comments!