Rep. Gaetz Unveils The BIG Red Flag That Popped Up After Questioning Rosenstein

Image Source: Video screen grabs. Compilation

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on “oversight of the FBI and DOJ actions surrounding the 2016 election” on Thursday.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray were there to testify. (Video Below)

In a contentious hearing, Rosenstein was grilled repeatedly Thursday by House Republicans over everything from his department’s role in Trump campaign surveillance to alleged stonewalling of congressional document requests to the damning watchdog report on FBI conduct during the Clinton email probe.

Rep. Matt Gaetz went all in during the hearing giving Rosenstein the grilling he’ll never forget. (RELATED: Rosenstein Nearly Spills All Of The Beans As Gaetz Gives Him The Drilling He’ll Never Forget)

Gaetz, during the hearing went right into the FISA renewal that Rosenstein signed. He asked for the names of people who briefed him on the FISA renewal. Rosenstein dodged the question Gaetz asked, and brought up his own conduct. But, Matt slammed him asking again, and he asked if he read the FISA renewal. Rosenstein refused to answer.

“So you won’t even say to this committee if you even read the document that authorized spying on the Trump campaign?” Rosenstein stumbled, and Matt interrupted asking, “Did you read it or not?” Rosenstein refused again. (Video Below)

Matt asked if Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Moyor or Trisha Anderson briefed him on the FISA application and renewals and Rosenstein denied it while trying to make up more excuses.

“But you signed it!” Matt declared. “Did you thoroughly review it?” He asked Rosenstein.

(Video Below)

Friday morning Gaetz joined Sandra Smith on Fox News for a recap of Thursday’s hearing, and he stood by his statement and questions.

Matt explained how there are now new inconsistencies in the DOJ’s story about the Trump/Russia investigation with dates and people involved. 

He also laid out exactly what the crooked FBI agents were doing behind the scenes and what the IG thought about it.

In addition, Gaetz slaps down cold, hard facts that will trigger democrats and their talking points.

“More than half the country based off of the latest CBS poll disprove of the way Bob Mueller is handling the investigation. We either live in a country where at the end of the day it’s elected people that make the decisions, or we live in a country where un-elected people like Rod Rosenstein, whose never faced the voters, gets to decide on the these fundamental questions.” Gaetz explained.

Then, Gaetz laid into Rosenstein pointing out troubling remarks he made where Rosenstein thinks he answers to no one.



Do you agree with Rep Matt Gaetz? And, do you find the new inconsistencies in the DOJ’s story about the Trump/Russia investigation with dates and people involved concerning?

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