What Huckabee Just Disclosed About Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Will Have Dems Running To Their Safe Space

Image Source: Video screen shots & Twitter. US4Trump.com Compilation

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee joined Fox News Friday morning mocking dems after their recent meltdown of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement about his retirement.

Huckabee makes some good points with a dash of clever humor. (Video Below)

Huckabee during his appearance explained that Democrats are melting down and acting irrational over the fact that President Donald Trump will nominate a second Supreme Court justice.

Let me quote a famous politician, Barack Obama, who said ‘elections have consequences,‘” Huckabee said.

He continued, “They certainly do. We elect a president, he picks Supreme Court justices. It’s the way it works.”

Huckabee added Democrats will be unhappy no matter who Trump nominates. (Video Below)

“If he put Moses up for the possibility of being Supreme Court Justice – the ultimate lawgiver, the Ten Commandments – they would still be against it,” Huckabee declared.

He expressed that the court has become ideological, saying that it should not be seen as conservative or liberal, but constitutional. 

“The pick ought to be somebody who has great respect for the actual words of the Constitution, what they meant when they were written. And, until they’re changed, follow them,” Huckabee said. (Video Below)

Huckabee tweeted on Thursday laughing at the fake outcry by democrats.

So glad @realDonaldTrump will appoint next SCOTUS Justice but it’s causing Dems to melt faster than Wicked Witch of West at a water park.”

(Video Below)


Mike is spot on. No matter what President Trump does, democrats will resist.

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