After Being Attacked At A Restaurant, Don Jr. Issues The Perfect Compensation To Teen Victim

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On Independence Day, a video surfaced that showed an adult male assaulting a group of teens and stealing one of their MAGA hats, all because one of them was showing open support for President Trump’s agenda.

The aftermath of the incident sparked national uproar from Trump supporters, so much that it got attention from major news sources and even got special notice from President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. Continued Below

The 16-year-old who was primarily assaulted, was simply sharing a meal together with his friends at Whataburger in San Antonio, TX. When all of a sudden a man came up, stole his Make America Great Again hat, dumped his drink on him and spat out profanity laced remarks in regards to his open Pro-Trump stance. Even saying he would burn the MAGA hat in his fire-place before leaving.


Thanks to the high amount of social media shares and coverage by mainstream sources, Donald Trump Jr. was able to catch wind of the despicable act.

And out of the kindness of his heart, Trump Jr. issued an appropriate response to help make things right with the teen who was victimized and had his hat stolen by the deranged man. SEE BELOW

After seeing the video, Donald Trump Jr. was horrified by what he witnessed and issued a heartfelt reaction to what the teen went through.

Just moments ago, Don Jr.  made a generous offer directed to the victimized teen. He said:

“If someone can get me this young man’s information I’ll get him a new hat… SIGNED by !!!” See Below

Wow! What a generous offer!

The adult attacker made a terrible mistake, and even lost his job, according to Heavy.

But that won’t stop Trump Jr. from going out of his way to compensate the assaulted teen in one of the best possible ways.

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