UPDATE: Two Weeks After Booting Sarah, Red Hen Faces A Squawk-Worthy Obstacle

The Red Hen's review plummets. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with (Left) White House Screen Capture (Right) WSLS Screen Capture.The Red Hen's review plummets. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with (Left) White House Screen Capture (Right) WSLS Screen Capture.

Poetic justice. It’s truly a curious thing! The Red Hen whose co-owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, kicked out Press Secretary Sanders because Sarah supports President Trump’s policy, saw the restaurants 5 star rating drop to 2 stars.

And now, as of 2:00 PM EST on July 5, it was at an all time low of ONE STAR. (MORE BELOW.)

Immediately The Red Hen’s Yelp rating plummeted following the incident. With 94 reviews, The Red Hen enjoyed a 4.5 star rating. Not too shabby.

See the original Yelp! rating below:

Lexington, VA, Red Hen Rating Before Sarah Incident. Photo Credit to YELP!.

Lexington, VA, Red Hen Rating Before Sarah Incident. Photo Credit to YELP!

Then soon after the situation went down, Red Hen quickly got served an immediate dose of karma for their actions. But their star rating quickly plummeted to 2.5 stars after people heard how Sarah was treated, based on over 7000 reviews.

Here is proof:

Red Hen in Lexington, VA after the Sarah Incident. Photo credit to Yelp!

Red Hen in Lexington, VA a day following the Sarah Incident. Photo credit to Yelp!

Furthermore, because of her manic decision to refuse service to a high profile Republican woman, she resigned from the local board as “director of Main Street Lexington, which focuses on improving the city’s downtown” area.

A few days later,  Bikers for Trump came roaring into town and showed support for Sarah. Along with Corey Stewart, who spoke at the demonstration. Corey Alan Stewart was heard saying, “Alright. Hey! Look at this crew today! Whose ready to support President Trump?! And who is ready to support Sarah Huckabee Sanders!?”

Corey is a Republican and supports the Trump administration’s policies. Stewart is running against Tim Kaine (VA-D). Kaine is the former VP running mate to the failed HRC 2016 Presidential bid campaign.

Additionally, Wilkinson was forced to close her doors of the restaurant until July 5th due to the nation-wide backlash that erupted from her partisan and biased decision.

With the re-opening just hours away, Wilkinson will enjoy a ONE STAR RATING with Yelp! 

Yelp! appears to be scouring through the comments and has a message saying “this business is being monitored by Yelp’s Support team for content related to media reports.” And the rating will go up, only to come crashing back down due to nation-wide backlash and continuous negative reviews.

The Red Hen’s rating decreased from 2.5 down to a solid 1, as of this afternoon, based on 8417 reviews. Although there are now less reviews as a result of Yelp’s constant review cleanup due to nation-wide backlash of The Red Hen. Here’s proof of their 1 rating right befor Yelp’s latest review cleanup:

Yelp! had Red Hen at a one star rating hours before they were due to re-open. Image credit to Yelp! (Ratings have been fluctuating due to nationwide backlash)

In the age of internet, business owners, like the one at Red Hen, may want to think before taking controversial action, as the hand that feeds them – may end up biting them!

Moreover, restaurants rely on positive reviews and word of mouth to gain business.

In this case, many on the right or even moderates on both sides, potentially –  good customers, could be taking their money elsewhere after they find out how Sarah was treated. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

In ending, are you ready to see America turn back into a place where Republican women can go have dinner with their family without fear of retribution?