Allegations Against Jordan Begin To Shrivel After What Just Came Out About His Accusers

Jim Jordan under attack by Dems after getting close to exposing the truth of Dossier scandal. Image credit to US4Trump with MSNBC Screen Shot enhancement.Jim Jordan under attack by Dems after getting close to exposing the truth of Dossier scandal. Image credit to US4Trump with MSNBC Screen Shot enhancement.

Adam Schiff named Jim Jordan as one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a rant on CNN. As a result, the Dems are going full monty with allegations against their perceived 4 Horsemen.

Schiff says, “the four horsemen of this apocalypse, have been Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy and Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan.” (MORE BELOW.)

Moreover, it leaves you scratching your head wondering what is the big apocalypse Schiff is talking about this time.

Last time, it was Nancy Peolsi referring to the tax cuts as an “apocalypse”. Specifically, how in 2027 the Tax Cuts will expire. Oh. Yeah. Big apocalypse. Just vote them back in.

Who are the Democrat’s 4 Horsemen and what is their Apocalypse this time? 

Turns out, he is talking about how Meadows, Gowdy, Nunes and Jordan are getting to the truth of “what happened”. Specifically, with the Hillary Clinton Dossier Scandal.

Shortly after Jim Jordan tweets: “The House of Representatives went on record today telling the Department of Justice, “Enough is enough. Give us what we’ve asked for.” 

Jordan tweets about the stonewalled documents. The Dems began their attack on him.

Furthermore, the Dems know they are about to be exposed for  politically weaponizing the once great institutions of the FBI and DOJ during the corrupt Obama-era.

What you need to know about the Dems weak allegations on Jordan.

Two former wrestlers that Jim Jordan was an assistant coach for at the University of Ohio, say Jim knew about the sports physician who was a bit too “hands on.”

Turns out, those two wrestlers have very sour pasts. The kind of pasts that would be easy to give money to and they would say anything.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Two former Ohio State University wrestlers accusing Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan of ignoring sexual misconduct by a university physician more than two decades ago have a history of failed business dealings, lawsuits, harassment allegations, and in the case of one accuser, an 18 month prison sentence for fraud.”

The DC continues, “One of the former wrestlers, Mike DiSabato, is also being accused by the widow of a Marine who was killed in combat in Iraq of intimidating and bullying her over a memorial fund set up in her husband’s name.”

Knowing the shady past of the Jordan accusers, it makes one wonder…why now? After two decades, who paid them to say something now about a possible memory they might have?

The Democratic playbook and Rep Jordan.

These allegations are about on par with the Stormy Daniels attack on President Trump. The Democrats will be outraged if these two shady characters are not believed.

One of the accusers was in prison for fraud. Can you hear the Democrats now? (Sarcasm)…give the guy a break, how can you NOT believe him over Jim Jordan?

In ending, do  you believe the Democrats will do ANYTHING to destroy the reputations of the good Patriots of America? What do you think they will do next to divide us? Drop a comment below for Jim in support and join the conversation!