Protesters Corner Mitch McConnell At Restaurant & Shout The UNTHINKABLE

Screen Grab

Mitch McConnell was in Louisville, KY, Saturday afternoon enjoying a dinner at a local restaurant.

Mitch went to leave the restaurant after his meal and was met by a clan of angry protesters, who apparantly were stalking him out based on what they yelled. Video Below

The protesters that cornered McConnell as he walked to his car first started chanting “Vote you out!” and “Abolish ICE!” over and over.

But it was the next comment that was spewed out of one of the male protester’s mouth that was most troubling, as he shouted:

“We know where you live, B*tch!”

Video Below

ICE Protesters Corner Mitch McConnell At Louisville Restaurant

Not only are the they protesters but looks like they are stalkers too!

The incident comes just 2 weeks after Sarah Sanders was kicked out of The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, by the owner because Sanders works for President Trump. And only a few days after teenage Trump supporters were assaulted at Whataburger in San Antonio, TX. Continued Below

This also comes after Maxine Waters called on fellow Democrats to harass President Trump supporters at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations or wherever they are spotted in public. And although McConnell shares some differences with President Trump, he has worked with the President to pass key legislation, including the generous tax cuts that went into effect this year.

Waters has faced tremendous backlash for her remarks. So, as more acts of disgust continue to occur, it will be tough for her to avoid being to blame for inciting it.

Do you think the protests and sick displays we are seeing at restaurants lately are a result of politicians and enablers like Maxine Waters? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts.