What Candace Owens Just Said To Khan Will Make His Trump Balloon Pop In His Face

Candace Owens responds to Sadiq Khan on his "baby balloon". Image credit to US4Trump compilation.Candace Owens responds to Sadiq Khan on his "baby balloon". Image credit to US4Trump compilation.

Candace Owens, is the new voice for strong Republican values in national millennial circles. Moreover, Candace is, literally, running circles around world leaders!

You have to absolutely adore her strong pro-Trump rhetoric! And look-out when Candace sets her sights on someone. (MORE BELOW.)

When Candace zero’s in on an obvious bias toward American economic growth and President Trump’s policies, the hater has NO chance of escaping her cross-hairs!

Check out her latest quip to London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan who is planning on floating a despicable balloon of President Trump dressed in a diaper during his visit in the tweet below!

The working trip is with England and one of the most powerful men in the world. The festivities for President Trump’s arrival is suppose to begin on July 12th.

Additionally, the “baby balloon” is planned for the opening ceremonies when POTUS arrives on their soil. (MORE BELOW.)

The idea for the balloon was born from the “political activist group ‘Stop Trump,'” as reported by The New York Times.

Check out what Candace has to say to the London Mayor.

She tweets: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe.” (MORE BELOW.)

Specifically, Candace continues, “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe. Without swords, without guns, without conquest. Will turn it into a Muslim continent within decades.

Then to hit her quote square on the target, she announces who said THAT… “Muammar Gaddafi, 1975.” Then adds, “A Trump balloon won’t save the UK.

Candace’s tweet:

Candace received A LOT of support. Specifically, here are two of our favorite responses from fellow Americans.

Tamara offers, “Start researching Candace. And you will discover how Germany and other EU countries are deliberately silencing the media. To report the actual horrendous amount of crimes are being committed against women and children by the Muslim immigrants.”

Additionally, Leslie says, “Happening in Sweden. And has been for over a year. No media source will talk about it, but the citizens know! My good friend lives in Sweden and is disgusted with what the govt has sold out to! THIS SHARIA BS and MUSLIM EXTREMISM won’t be tolerated in the USA.”


In ending, what do you think President Trump’s response will be to the balloon?