BRUTAL: James Woods Wages A Full-Scale Attack, Annihilates Strzok & Democrats

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On Thursday, Peter Strzok got full national attention as he finally came out of hiding to face the public in an open Congressional hearing.

The man who is shown in the IG report to a high level of bias against President Trump and is largely responsible for authorizing the Russian collusion investigation, got the grilling of lifetime, largely by Republican Party All-Stars. And actor James Woods delivered epic commentary as the situation unfolded. See Below

All that Woods had to say during the hearing was nothing short of some of the boldest remarks we have witnessed out of the actor to date.

Woods initially targeted Strzok, then pivoted and slammed Democrats after literally cheering the disgraced agent on, one Democrat even saying Strzok deserves “a purple heart.”

And while there were dozens of ruthless statements fired out by the actor as Strzok was grilled, we have included the ones that got the highest level of reaction.

Check them out below!

James Woods Annihilates Peter Strzok and Democrats: A Collection Of His Best Slams

After Democrat Senator Cohen says Strzok deserves a purple heart and Democrats cheer him on, Woods unloads these gems.

But Wait! There’s More…


Boom! Talk about EXPLOSIVE!!

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Liberal media is claiming Strzok held his own today and it’s almost a guarantee majority of Hollywood actors and celebs will push the same narrative. But not James Woods!!

What do you think about the remarks Woods made regarding former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and Democrats at the hearing today. Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!