Gaetz Makes Jaws Drop To The Ground With What He Just Pried Out Of Strzok

Image Source: Video Screen shots. Compilation

Thursday, Peter Strzok testified and faced questions on Capitol Hill with lawmakers after the IG report revealed his anti-Trump text messages.

It was heated and explosive hearing. (Video Below)

During the hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz took Peter Strzok and Robert Mueller to the woodshed.

Gaetz asked Strzok directly what is his knowledge about being removed from the Mueller investigation and it got heated.

Gaetz laid down the hammer going directly into several questions. He asked Strzok if Mueller ever asked him any questions about ANY of the anti-Trump text messages.

Gaetz asked, “Did Mueller ever ask you if you were biased against Donald Trump?” Strzok replied, “He did not.” (Video Below)

“So he didn’t ask when he hired you?” Gaetz asked again. However, Strzok seemed puzzled but replied arrogantly, “No, that’s not a question that typically gets asked during hiring meetings.”

Gaetz replied, “Gosh! One would seemingly think if you’re hiring someone to investigate someone, that’s something you would ask. Certainly when you were removed, was it clear to you that Mr. Mueller was aware of these incendiary text messages?” Strzok replied, “Yes.”

Gaetz said, “So, he knew of all the text messages, but never asked you whether you were biased or not?” Strzok replied, “That’s correct.” (Video Below)

Matt Gaetz then went into a different direction asking about certain text messages between him and Lisa Page. He referenced the text where he said, “No, we’ll stop it.” [Trump being elected]

“Did Bob Mueller ever ask you about THAT text message?” Gaetz asked. Strzok replied, “He did not.”

Then, Matt asked if Mueller ever asked about the meeting with Andrew McCabe and the text message that was revealed. Strzok again said that Mueller didn’t ask.

Gaetz asked if Bob Mueller ever asked what Strzok meant by an insurance policy, and Srrzok replied, “Director Mueller did not.”

Gatez and Strzok then get into a heated moment after Strzok tried to veer away from the next question. It was in reference to another text message about Hillary Clinton winning the election. Gatez stopped him in his tracks telling Strzok that he saw him try to dodge with other questions during the testimony, but Gatez put his foot down.

“I want to know if Bob Mueller asked you about THIS text message!” Gatez declared. Strzok replied, “Bob Mueller didn’t ask me about ANY text messages.”

Gatez asked if Mueller asked Strozk about his reference to impeaching Trump. Strzok replied that Bob Mueller didn’t ask him about any text messages.

Peter Strzok just revealed in testimony to Rep. Matt Gaetz that Robert Mueller NEVER asked him about all his Anti-Trump text messages! (Video Below)

Then, Matt Gatez went to town on Mueller and Strzok!

“I find that very interesting that Bob Muller has to remove you as a consequence of bias. Now you don’t say it’s bias, you say that based on your perception of Bob Miller’s perception of you.

It couldn’t possibly be your bias.. it has to be the appearance of bias. But, when we get into actually the manifestation of that bias through your words… Bob Muller doesn’t ask you about a single one of them.

And so, then I look at other people that Bob Muller picked on his team people like Lisa Paige. I’m very curious to know whether or not he asked her about any of her incendiary text messages.” 

Gaetz then listed off names of people who are working on Robert Mueller’s team who have donated to the Clinton campaign. He named off: Greg Anders, Kyle Ferrini, Andrew Goldstein, Elizabeth Prelogar, and James Quarles.

Then, Gaetz listed off Andrew Wiessman attended Hillary’s election night party, Jean Erie who represented Ben Rhodes during the Benghazi investigation, and Justin Cooper who set up Hillary’s private email server.

Matt then slammed down the hammer and told Strzok exactly why he thought Mueller didn’t ask about the messages.



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