After Libs Call Trump A Russian Puppet, Sara Carter Zips Them Up With A Pair Of Grenades

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On Friday, Rod Rosenstein announced that special counsel Robert Mueller handed down indictments for Russian military agents.

And although Rosenstein admitted that there was no direct collusion by sources inside the US for the DNC hack, Liberals are still trying to find a way to put the blame on President Trump for Russia’s decisions. Investigative Journalist Sara Carter, however, is not about to let them get away with it, as shown in a recent exchange. See Below

Sara Carter couldn’t help but respond to two Anti-Trumpers on Twitter who were accusing Trump of being a Russian puppet to Vladimir Putin.

One person directly called Trump a puppet while the other indirectly did so. And Carter’s response to them was priceless.

The first Twitter user gave the notion, “Former KGB agent Putin will make his puppet Trump into a hero by temporarily pulling out some troops from Syria and saying Trump convinced him to do so, or something to that effect. Then, DT and Hannity will blast all those who said he should have cancelled the summit.”

It was at this point Carter tossed her first of two grenades of truth. See her response below. 

Carter responds to @robert14787 with the following:

Oh but wait @robert14787 wasn’t it @POTUS44 who ensured the Russians more flexibility after his election, handed over Syria to Putin and pulled sanctions est. by the Bush admin. It wasn’t until right before @realDonaldTrump took office that Obama did anything – wonder why?

See Official Tweet Below

Sara Carter Tosses A Pair Of Grenades

And if that wasn’t enough, Carter pivoted and took on another user for their clownish remark.

The user she targeted tried to cover for Obama’s ineptness, while insinuating Trump is to blame for Russian involvement when stating, “Say what you will about Obama’s Russia strategy, but at the time all of this was going on, was Russia actively attacking our electoral processes? Were they fully weaponizing social media against Americans? Had we discovered it yet? We know they are now and yet Trump does nothing.”

Carter effectively fired back! See Below

Sara Carter tossed her second grenade, making another person look like a moron when she responded with:

“Yes of course – Intelligence has been operational all throughout – it didn’t just pop up when @realDonaldTrump decided to run for President. They have been cyber spying and utilizing social media since the Internet was created.”

See Official Tweet Below

When it comes to Obama, Liberals seem to easily turn a blind eye. Thank goodness Sara is there to set the record straight! Here is video of Obama meddling with Russia that Sara is talking about:

Do you think Obama is actually the one who has deeper ties to Russian Meddling? Scroll down below and let us know!