What Rep. Ratcliffe Just Declared About Chuck & Obama Will Have Them Hiding Under The Covers

Image Source: Video Screen shots. US4Trump.com Compilation

On Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) joined Fox News for an exclusive interview.

Bartiromo and Ratcliffe discussed President Trump’s trip overseas where he’ll be meeting with Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki, Finland. (Video Below)

Democrats have become unglued and unhinged over President Trump’s upcoming meeting with Putin that is taking place on Monday.

They are so distraught, so much so, that democrats are calling for the President to cancel the meeting because of “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election. (RELATED: Maria Bartiromo Holds Up The Piece Of Paper That Will Crush Little Adams’s Ego)

Senator Chuck Schumer went on a tweet storm throwing an absolute tantrum while pushing his obstructionist narrative, and telling President Trump to “Cancel the Putin meeting. Now.”

This is not the first time Chuck Schumer has “tried” to give President Trump his advice. Hilariously, the White House has said time and time they will never take Chuck’s advice. (Video Below)

Chuck Schumer tweeted:

During the interview, Congressman John Ratcliffe said, “Someone needs to remind Sen. Schumer that the party in the minority doesn’t get to set and make foreign policy decisions.”

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He reminded the audience, “As former President Obama use to say often, ‘elections have consequences.'”

Ratcliffe went on to point out the obvious reason that Senate Democrats don’t want President Trump to meet with Putin: for the simple reason they didn’t want President Trump to sit down with Kim Jung-Un. They are afraid he will succeed.

Democrats are deathly afraid of President Trump kicking holes in all of the things they have been saying…”that he’s a puppet of Putin and the Kremlin.” Democrats certainly don’t want a comparison of how President Trump will handle Putin, verses how Obama did. (Video Below)

Ratcliffe slammed Obama next saying, “Remember, President Obama’s feckless foreign policy as it related to Putin, was hiding under the covers while Russia took Crimea policy. It was a policy where he had his national security advisors tell our cyber officials to ‘stand down, rather than stand up’ when we found out the Russians were meddling with our elections.” 

President Trump will be handling Putin much differently.



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