Newt Pounds His Fist, Rattles Clapper & Brennan Back In Swamp Holes They Slithered Out Of

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During his press conference with Vladimir Putin, President Trump misspoke and accidentally said he doesn’t see any reason “why it would be Russia” instead of saying “why it wouldn’t be Russia” who meddled in the 2016 election.

However, before he could correct his statement as he did on Wednesday, former Obama officials and Democrats were quick to pounce on Trump’s remarks. And after doing so, Newt Gingrich instantly struck back, making them regret stepping out in the first place. Video Below

Among critics of Trump are, of course, James Clapper and John Brennan…two men who were also in charge of America’s line of defense against meddling that apparently occurred on their watches during Obama’s tenure and the 2016 election cycle.

Newt Gingrich appeared on FOX News and ripped apart the two former officials and every other critic that belonged to Obama’s Administration when he blasted out a dose of facts that no liberal news source dare mentions.

Newt admitted he too spoke out on Trump’s remarks but they were directed in a way to get the President’s attention to clarify what he meant, which the President soon took heed to. But Newt thinks the way Clapper, Brennan and other former officials are attacking the President is absurd since they were in power when Russia hacked our elections in the first place.

Video Below

Newt faced the camera and slammed Clapper and Brennan when he said:

“…His critics are the people that failed. When you see John Brennan or other people who are, Jim Clapper, talking on television. Those are the guys who were in charge in 2016.

So their hysteria and their strong language, they are the ones who failed in 2016. Trump was a candidate, he wasn’t in charge of national security in 2016. They were and they failed.” Video Below

Newt Gingrich Rattles Brennan and Clapper Back In Their Swamp Holes

BOOM! Newt told it like it is!

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