Obama Likely Turning Beet Red After What Pres Trump Just Publicized Across The Airwaves

Pres Trump interviews on CBS in an exclusive interview. Photo credit to US4Trump with screen capture compilation and enhancements.Pres Trump interviews on CBS in an exclusive interview. Photo credit to US4Trump with screen capture compilation and enhancements.

Pres Trump is on the CBS Evening News in an exclusive interview! And boy oh boy did he ever tell the truth about Obama!

You are going to love this! Jeff Glor, who has the longest running show on CBS looked like he was having a good time, too! (SEGMENT INTERVIEW VIDEO AT BOTTOM.)

Jeff starts out with, “And you would agree with U.S. Intelligence that Russia meddled in the election of 2016?” 

Pres Trump answers, “And I’ve said that before, Jeff. I’ve said that numerous times before. And I would say that is true, yeah.”

Jeff tries to hit Pres Trump again and asks, “But you haven’t condemned Putin specifically. Do you hold him personally responsible?”

The President replies, “Well, I would because he’s in charge of the Country. Just like I consider myself responsible for things that happen in this Country. So, certainly as the leader of a Country you would have to hold him responsible. Yes.” 

Then quickly Jeff asks, “What’d you say to him?”

And most transparently, POTUS who is quick on the draw replies, “I’m very strong on the fact that we can’t have meddling. We can’t have any of that.” 

Then POTUS says something that will make America laugh! He says, “Now, look. We’re also living in a grown-up world.”

It would sure be nice if the leftist press corp would join the rest of us in the grown-up world! That’s for certain!

POTUS continues and says, “Will a strong statement… ?” and with a twinkle in his eye, the President changes tact and says, “you know, President Obama supposedly made a strong statement. Nobody heard it.” 

President Trump is referring to the statement when Obama told Putin in September of 2016 to “cut it out”. Additionally, if Vlad didn’t “cut it out” then there would be “serious consequences,” as Politico reports.

President Trump doesn’t stop there though! He left the best for last! The most powerful man in the world continues, “Now, what they did hear was the statement he made to Putin’s very close friend” he says.

And that statement was not acceptable. It didn’t get very much play relatively speaking, but that statement was NOT acceptable.”

Pres Trump was talking about the hot open mic moment when Obama was speaking to the outgoing Russian President Medvedev. 

Watch as Obama says “After my election, I will have more flexibility.” And Medvedev says, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Then in an epic move, Obama reaches over and cups Mevedev’s wrist in his hand!

WATCH what Pres Trump was referencing from the Associated Press. (MORE BELOW VIDEO.)

In closing the interview segment with Jeff, POTUS said to America, “But I let him [Vladimir Putin] know we can’t have this. We’re not going to have this. And that’s the way it’s going to be.”

FULL VIDEO BELOW with President Trump and Jeff Glor on CBS. 

CBS tweets, “WATCH: President Trump tells he would hold Russian President Vladimir Putin “responsible” for election meddling.”


In ending, so – who do you think handled the Russian’s better? Pres Trump or Obama? Tell us what you think below in comments!