Carter Page Unveils The Truth About The Dossier The Media Has Been Covering Up

Carter Page speaks out on SPYGATE. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen captures.Carter Page speaks out on SPYGATE. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen captures.

Carter Page is the central victim in the FISA application scandal. He was the American who was being spied upon by the American government so the politicized branches could spy on a Presidential election.

When the 412 page FISA application for his warrant became public knowledge, Carter Page is able to identify the actual lies in the FISA application. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Tucker puts all the dots together after reading the lengthy document.

Carter Page has NOT been charged. The U.S. Government has been spying on his personal life for over a year.

Tucker begins by saying, “This comes from the Dossier. But the application accuses you of meeting with two Russian officials. Both named Igor. Igor Sechin and Igor Diveyken. Did you meet with either one of those men?” 

Carter clearly states, almost laughing at the audacious lie, “I have never met with them,” and still smiling adds, as he shrugs his shoulder, “in my life. Ever.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

And laughing at the notion that this complete fabrication was used in a FISA application, says, “Yup.” and laughs

Tucker asks him, “Do you believe that allegation comes from the Steele Dossier?”

Carter replies, “Absolutely. It’s funny. In July of 2016, two months before the Yahoo news article came out. I started getting these calls from various news reporters.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Mr. Page then lists them, the “Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN.” He continues, “all asking me about these same two names of people I’ve never even heard of in my life.’

He backtracks slightly and says, “I’d heard of Sechin. I’d never even heard of Diveyken. And so,  it was obvious.”

Carter continues, “Some people told me from the media, that they’d heard about it from the Clinton campaign etc, but, ya know. So, finally they found someone to put it out in 45 days before the election. Yahoo News, so.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Tucker replies connecting the dots.

“So, the Clinton campaign, of course, heard about it from Christopher Steele whom they were paying to gather this dossier. My understanding too from the testimony in recent months, is that Steele never visited Russia! Never bothered to go to Russia as he assembled this dossier, is that correct?”

Carter Page confirms, “That’s my understanding, as well.”

Tucker continues, then “in October of 2016, really at the height of the intensity of the Presidential campaign, Christopher Steele, on the payroll of the Clinton Campaign, briefs officials at the State Department and THAT briefing apparently was used as one of the pretexts for spying on you. Am I connecting those dots correctly? (VIDEO BELOW.)

“That’s my understanding, Tucker,” Carter explains that while reviewing the 412 pages that he has spoken to several U.S. Attorney’s and they describe the “circular news reporting” as “preposterous, in terms of their sources.”

The U.S. Government spied on an American citizen. It could be you next. If you are outraged, contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them. Click here for contact information.

WATCH the interview with Carter Page! United States citizen who was illegally spied upon. 

In closing, why do you suppose Carter Page has not been indicted by the U.S. Government?