Kimberly Guilfoyle Makes Heads Turn After Announcing Her New Job Title

Kimberly Guilfoyle announces her departure from Fox News. Photo credit to Donald Trump Jr. twitter.Kimberly Guilfoyle announces her departure from Fox News. Photo credit to Donald Trump Jr. twitter.

Well, we have all heard the rumors that Kimberly Guilfoyle from the successful show The Five on Fox News Channel was leaving!

Today, Kimberly made it official! In an early morning two-part tweet she makes her announcement:

Kimberly Guifoyle announces:

“Today I have a bitter-sweet announcement. I’ve decided to leave Fox News Channel and dedicate myself full-time to joining America First as Vice Chairwoman, campaigning across the country and firmly standing with President Trump. (Part 1 of 2)”

“I will miss my Fox family. I thank Fox for the opportunities it has provided me, I thank all the talented producers, staff, and above all I thank the best fans out there. (Part 2 of 2)”

Photo credit to Kimberly's public Twitter.

Photo credit to Kimberly’s public Twitter.

Kimberly will be working for the America First Superpac whose motto is “For A First Place America.”

Additionally, the “America First Action is the primary super PAC dedicated to electing federal candidates who support the agenda of the Trump-Pence administration.”

Furthermore, the “America First Action Super PAC is committed to creating an America where prosperity, safety, and strength reign. Where hardworking people like you lead the charge with grit, determination, and pride. Together, we continue to forge an America where opportunities are boundless – a first-place America where we ALL win.”

Additionally, the Daily Caller reports, “a source close to her told The DC, ‘Fox has known for a while that she was planning on moving to the America First PAC and her leaving Fox is 100-percent voluntary. She is very excited about her new challenge and is appreciative that she had a great run with Fox News’.”

Click here to check out the America First website!

See Kimberly Guilfoyle’s tweets below:

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