After Senator Fires Off His Grilling Questions, Pompeo Hurls Them In The Ice Chest

On Wednesday, Senators held a Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill about President Trump’s private meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was on absolute fire after being questioned from the panel’s top Democrats. (Video Below)

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) asked Secretary Pompeo if President Trump told him what specifically was discussed in his two-hour meeting with Vladimir Putin.

“When the president meets alone with President Putin, it allows the Kremlin-sponsored state media and Russian Ministry of Defense to provide more information… to the American people but sometimes it seems to the members of  the pres own cabinet. Has the president told you what happened?” Menendez asked.

Pompeo shot back after quickly picking up that Menendez was trying to ask a baited question, and told Menendez that President Trump has the “prerogative to choose who’s in the meeting or not.” Pomeo pointed out the fact that Menendez likely has held one-on-one meetings with important figures himself.

“The predicate of your question implied some notion that there was something improper with having a one-on-one meeting. I completely disagree!” Pompeo exclaimed. (Video Below)

Menendez became triggered, telling Pompeo that he asked a “simple question” and tried again by asking whether Secretary Pompeo has interrogated the American interpreter who was in the meeting.

Menendez wanted to know whether President Trump told Putin that sanctions would be relaxed or lifted, and whether the president pressed the ex-KGB agent on the annexation of Crimea.

“Senator, presidents are entitled to have private meetings,” Pompeo declared, adding that Menendez should stick to conducting your appropriate role [and] that is [crafting] U.S. policy.”(Video Below)

Menendez suffering full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, dove in again pressing Pompeo on specifics from President Trump’s private meeting.

“The question is, when he had a chance, did he confront Putin?” Menendez asked.

Pompeo blasted Menedez and hurled his questions in the ice chest.

“I understand the game you’re playing!” Pompeo shot back.

Visibly unhinged, Sen. Menendez cried that Pompeo was “characterizing his questions.”

“We don’t know what the truth is!” Menendez whined. Then he called the meeting a “highly amazing period of time to spend alone” with Putin.

WATCH Pompeo hurl Menendez’s questions in the ice chest below:

Do you think Sen. Menendez has Trump Derangement Syndrome? And do you think Secretary of State Pompeo did a GREAT job handling the questions?

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