Pompeo Levels Senate Dems After Disclosing Obama’s Russian Involvement

The first female Senator, Jeanne Shaheen (D), from New Hampshire visited Syria. And now she’s an expert on foreign relations as she questions Pompeo during the Foreign Relations Committee.

Jeanne’s cool with everything as long as the credit for the excellent foreign relations of the Trump administration are credited to Obama! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Furthermore, Jeanne would like Pompeo to tell her EXACTLY what President Trump and Vladimir Putin spoke about during their one on one meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

Moreover, to make her point, Jeanne begins quoting RUSSIAN tabloids then says it’s the ministry. As if that supports why she needs to know!

In a hilarious exchange, Pompeo tells her to support THIS administration and not the previous administration’s policy!

Specifically, he tells her NOT to listen to Russia!

Pompeo was one hundred percent a gentleman with her, as he states, “I will humbly suggest to you, that you should have more confidence in statements from General Votel than the Russian Ministry of Defense!”

Shaheen then switches gears and begins talking about her trip to Syria. And how she believes America needs, basically, to follow Obama’s policy. However, begins reciting everything that the Trump administration is doing!

Then Pompeo, as kindly as he can, says, “the previous administration is the one who enabled RUSSIA to have the capacity that they have in Syria today!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

She gets a little hot under the collar for being busted and describes Trump’s administration policy in a strange reversal!

Then she says, “I want this administration to do what is working!”

Then Pompeo takes no prisoners in a polite way, he says, “it’s policy. It’s THIS administration’s policy. You’re advocating for the policy of THIS administration. I think it’s important for everyone to understand.” 

And with THAT…a hush fell over the room!

WATCH! “It Was Obama Who Allowed Russia To Do This” Mike Pompeo PUNISHES Trump Hating Senator Shaheen!

In closing, do you think Mike Pompeo did a fine job of shutting this Senator down?