European Union Blinks, Major Win By Trump Shows Obama How It’s Done

As the left wing lunatics would have you believe, or even many neo-conservatives, President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs are a horrible disaster.

However, after today’s meeting between President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the tide seems to be turning in the opposite direction of what the naysayers have been thumping. (Video Below)

During a bilateral press conference on Wednesday, President Jean-Claude Juncker says he is willing to seek a deal (details to come) where the EU and US mutually drop tariffs and the EU starts buying more soybeans from the United states.


There are many details to come on this breaking news agreement made between the US on President Trump’s behalf, and the European Union. But one thing is certain. The unfettered willingness to make deals is nothing short of a COMPLETE 180 degree turn from the way former President Barack Obama treated trade deals and general foreign policy.

Clearly, President Trump’s willingness to make deals coupled with his strong exertion of America’s leverage on the global scale has been showcased today. This will certainly set the stage for many more mutually beneficial deals yet to come with many countries and with many different commodities to put us on the path towards reducing our trade deficits. (Continued Below)

This is yet another example of President Trump keeping his promises to the American people. We believe this is just the beginning of a series of deals that can be expected to put us on the path to economic growth the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years, if ever!

Shown below is President Donald Trump lauding the deal that was announced with Jean-Claude Juncker at the joint press conference held outside of the White House today. (Continued Below Picture)

Image Source: Fox News Screenshot

The ultimate tell of the stark difference in the Trump administration here vs. the Obama administration, is that while under Barack Obama, he touted a “new normal” of 2% GDP growth as being “here to stay”. See article here.

In contrast, President Trump thinks and is showing that we can do much, much better, which GDP growth rates approaching upwards of 5%. You can see his drive to make American greater than ever before in this famous tweet: