Senator Suffers A Grade Five Meltdown Once Pompeo Points Out The Obvious On Russia

On Wednesday, Senators held a Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill about President Trump’s private meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was on absolute fire after being questioned from the panel’s top Democrats. (Video Below)

The democrats, during the hearing, clearly pre-planned their anti-trump agenda while trying to make the President look bad at any cost.

However, they were messing with the wrong guy, because Secretary Mike Pompeo is sharp as a tack, and he didn’t fall for their baited questions.

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(Video Below)

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) was next to get shut down by the Secretary of State.

Murphey started out trying to smear the President bringing up Russia interference statements made by the President in Helsinki and Trump’s twitter posts.

He brought up how how President Trump changed his statements from would to wouldn’t, then asked about Trumps tweets that slammed Obama. “President Obama knew about Russia before the election why didn’t he do something about it why didn’t he tell our campaign because it is all a big hoax.” (Video Below)

Sen. Murphy asked Pompeo, “why shouldn’t we accept this most recent statement from the president as US policy rather than the statement that you referenced on July 17th?”

Pompeo drew a line telling Murphy, “I can’t go through the litany of all the statements you just gave I have a list. I’m happy to go through them each, of which the president confirmed that he understood that Russia had meddled in the election.” Then, Pompeo confirmed dates where he documented times talking with the President.

Murphey wasn’t satisfied and began to start showing symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome waving his hands around.

“So, then what do you make of his most recent statement?” Murphey blurted out.

Pompeo with great sharpness and wit noticed Murphey’s TDS kicking in replying, “I’ll leave you… you can speculate, you can draw whatever inferences you want- for whatever purposes you so choose.”

This triggered Murphy right into full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome. (Video Below)

Pompeo laid down the hammer showing Murphey he was fed up with his left wing spin. He let him know this was not an apology tour from President Trump, nor did he kiss dictators feet like previous administrations.

Senator, here’s what you should look at. Compare the following. Barack Obama speaking tough on Russia and doing nothing.”

Murphy tries to defend Obama while attacking President Trump on sanctions. That’s when the democrat Senator suffers a grade five meltdown once Pompeo points out the obvious on Russia.

“So…. the man [Obama] on that, he would have more flexibility after!” Declared Pompeo.

Pompeo was referencing when Obama was caught on a hot mic. (See second video below)

Murphey was blown out of the water, and he immediately changed the subject to North Korea!


Obama secretly whispered, “I will have more FLEXIBILITY after my re-election.”


Do you think Sen. Chris Murphy has Trump Derangement Syndrome? And do you think Secretary of State Pompeo did a GREAT job handling the questions?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.