Reporter Breaks Protocol, IMMEDIATELY Gets Swift KARMA From White House

CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins tried to make herself famous early today while at a press event meant to highlight an official meeting with the EU commission President.

She took it upon herself to rudely shout out the same couple of questions over and over again while her colleagues were apparently suggesting she stop.  (Videos Below)

However, it isn’t uncommon today that we see a press member grandstand like this to ask a question they probably won’t get an answer to.

Unfortunately for her though, this time there were unexpected consequences coming her way!

After Kaitlan Collins’ child like episode of yelling and fussing, the White House issued an official statement laying down the BAN HAMMER on Kaitlan Collins!

(Videos Below)

White House Statement: (Videos Below)

Of course CNN, or as President Trump often refers to them as, Fraud News Network, is making a “federal case” out of this and parading it around as an “abuse of the free press” rather that what it actually is: a reporter being banned for not following White house rules and being extremely rude to the President Of The United States!

You can see the actual video clip of the episode and decide for yourself what is appropriate behavior. The bottom line, The White House did not ban any news network, simply that particular reporter.

Free press is important, but that doesn’t give the FREE PASS to act like utter fools. CNN and others are making themselves look like “The boy who cried wolf” when they make such a major deal out of absolutely everything, when they in fact are almost always the unscrupulous ones.

They wonder why the American people’s trust of the media continues to sink to new lows!  (Watch videos below)


Here is her response afterwards:


The irony of the statement is that in the official White House statement it says Kaitlan stated “it didn’t matter to her because she didn’t plan on being at the next event anyway,” which just shows that she knew she was in the wrong and had sour grapes about the whole things.

This seems more than anything else, like none other than fake outrage from CNN which is just about business as usual for them anyway.

Maybe the next reporter will use a little more manners before they try to ask stupid questions they don’t expect answers to.

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