KARMA: Man Who Demolished Trump’s Hollywood Star Faces A Devastating Payback

[Image source: C-SPAN video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Destroying President Trump’s Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame with a pickaxe probably seemed like a good idea at the time for 24-year-old alleged vandalist, Clay Austin.

But down the road, once reality strikes, he may regret his criminal act after finding out what it could mean for the future. See Below

According to LA Times, soon after Austin destroyed Trump’s star with the pickaxe he stored in his guitar case, he turned himself in to police and took responsibility.

LAPD officers then took Austin into custody and booked him on suspicion of felony vandalism with a $20,000 bail.

Although Austin was bailed out the following day as a result of a GoFundMe campaign, he still has a pending felony charge to fight. And if he ends up being found guilty, the implications for his future will be challenging as a felon, especially when it comes to election time.

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According to California’s laws on felony vandalism:

“If the amount of the damage is $400 or greater, and you are convicted of felony vandalism under Penal Code 545 PC, you face

  • either (a) probation with up to one year of country jail, or (b) a jail sentence of sixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years,
  • a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000)…OR up to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) if the amount of the damage was $10,000 or more” Continued Below

But that’s not all, here’s the real kicker…

Under California voting laws, you are NOT eligible to vote if you are a felon serving out your sentence or are still on parole for it.

So if Austin gets the max penalty of 3 years in jail, he won’t be able to vote against President Trump in the 2020 election…AKA the man Austin hates enough to axe his Hollywood star to pieces.

And so ultimately, what is more effective on getting rid of a leader you dislike? Casting a vote at the polls against them or pickaxing their Hollywood star? Austin could be on the verge of learning the hard way.

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