What Tim Kaine Said To Pompeo Has Crooked H Regretting Her Affiliation With Him

On Wednesday, Senators held a Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill about President Trump’s private meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was on absolute fire after being questioned from the panel’s top Democrats. (Video Below)

The democrats, during the hearing, clearly pre-planned their anti-trump agenda, while trying to make the President look bad at any cost.

However, they were messing with the wrong guy, because Secretary Mike Pompeo is sharp as a tack, and he didn’t fall for their baited questions.

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(Video Below)

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) was next to get shut down by the Secretary of State.

Kaine started out trying to smear the President bringing up President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

He brought up the military, then quoting an article from left-wing Washington Post about General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying that Dunford hadn’t been briefed on Helsinki. (Video Below)

Kaine asked Pompeo why there were no briefing or discussions to General Dunford that took place in Helsinki. Pompeo told him politely that he would have to ask the Department of Denfense or Chairman Dunford himself.

Kaine looked around the room for approval from his democrat buddies and tried again. “But, you don’t dispute…you have no knowledge that there was a briefing to Gen. Dunford on Helsinki, today?” He asked.

Pompeo stunned at Kaine’s idiot question, starting laughing and replied, “Senator, you just read me a piece from the Washington Post.”

Kaine looking like a fool, began to start showing symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome after Pompeo’s answer. Then, he started babbling nonsense while still looking around for approval from his friends who might possibly back him up. (Of course there were no takers.)

Next, Kaine read another quote about General Votel.

He was referring to the Russian Ministry of Defense who slammed US Gen. Joseph Votel Tuesday, accusing America’s top military commander in the Middle East of discrediting President Donald Trump’s position after Votel expressed hesitancy about working with Russia in Syria.

Kaine read from the article: “With his statements, General Votel not only discredited the official position of his supreme commander-in-chief, but also exacerbated the illegality under international law and US law of the military presence of American servicemen in Syria,” the Russian Ministry said in a statement. (Video Below)

Kaine asked, “Are you aware what the official position is that is being referenced in that statement?” Pompeo responded, “You’d have to speak with a Russian Ministry of Defense to know what it was he was referring to.” 

But, you can understand why we’re concerned. If it’s being reported in Russian presses, Secretary Flake and Senator Flake, and Senator Shaheen said that they’re talking about official positions that the president has outlined… as for as far as you know General Votel statements did not violate any official position in the U.S. did they?” asked Kaine.

That’s when Pompeo came in with the blow, making Crooked H regretting her affiliation with Senator Tim Kaine.

“You seem to be giving a great deal of credit to the Russian Ministry of Defense, with truthfulness!” Pompeo declared in front of everyone.

Kaine’s eyebrows lifted and his Trump Derangement Syndrome kicked in afterwards, which prompted him to began reading off more left-wing headlines published to smear President Trump and his administration. Following, the headline reading… Kaine began listing off his worries.

It’s apparent during the hearing, Kaine’s questions to Pompeo were pointless.

Watch Below as Pompeo makes him look like a fool:


Do you think Secretary of State Mike Pompeo knocked it out of the park? Also, are you glad that Sen. Tim Kaine is NOT our Vice President? What was Kaine trying to prove anyhow?

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