Gaetz Discloses The Scathing Reason Why Impeaching Rosenstein Is Mandatory

Right before the 115th Congress’ August recess, Matthew Gaetz discusses the fate of the impeachment resolution filed on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In a calm and epic power packed interview with a ton of information, Gaetz tells us WHEN they will vote on the impeachment and WHAT some of the redactions are!

The Floridan representative begins with, “If we do not receive the documents and witnesses that we need absent unnecessary redactions.”

It’s my expectations that Congressman Meadows and Congressman Jordan and myself WILL SEEK A VOTE ON IMPEACHMENT WHEN THE CONGRESS RETURNS FOR IT’S NEXT SESSION,” Gaetz says.

Bill Hemmer of Fox News wonders if they are trying to give Rosenstein a last chance to turn over the documents since they are waiting until the recess resumes.

Moreover, Gaetz confirms they are trying to give him one last chance. But “Rosenstein sends over documents that are so heavily redacted.”

Then he totally demolishes the Democratic talking point “and the redactions have NOTHING to do with National Security,” Matthew says.

Gaetz furthers his point, he tells what some of the redactions are!

He says, “just stuff that’s embarrassing to the FBI. Personal relationships with Judges. Osr the cost of furniture in their offices,” he says with a smile forming on the corner of his mouth!

Furthermore Gaetz tells Hemmer, he cannot think of anything “less cooperative than the Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America signing a FISA warrant [and] wouldn’t even tell us that he read [it]!”

He continues, “to spy on people that were associated with Trump campaign based on opposition research paid for by the Democratic party…that’s the most cavalier of all!”

WATCH as Gaetz rails that it is time for Rosenstein to be FIRED or IMPEACHED! 

In closing, are you ready to see the impeachment of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein if he doesn’t fork over the necessary documents and witnesses? Drop your comment below!