Assaulted San Jose Trump Supporters Handed A Majory Legal Victory Against The City

Back in early June 2016 at a campaign rally in San Jose, Trump supporters were viciously assaulted in a planned attack by over 400 protesters. Supporters heading to and from the rally were harassed, had water balloons and eggs thrown at them, were punched, had their MAGA hats stolen and set on fire among other tactics utilized by the angry protesters outside the venue in San Jose while police did very little to tame down the situation.

And now after over two years, it appears the assaulted Trump supporters are on a path to justice against the city for their lack of response. Videos Below

According to Bloomberg, a federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld the ruling made by a lower court, which rejected the city’s request for immunity against allegations that officers blocked Trump supporters from escaping violent protesters.

The lawsuit against the city was first filed back in July of 2016, one month after the rally.

Fourteen California Trump supporters filed the initial civil rights lawsuit, which claims San Jose’s police failed to protect them from violent protesters after a campaign rally. And they are seeking class action status and damages on behalf of all Trump supporters who suffered bodily harm at the June 2, 2016 rally.

Videos Below

The Trump supporters are being represented by Harmeet Dhillon, who is a committeewoman on California’s Republican National Committee.

Dhillon is concerned by local officials who clearly were against President Trump during the campaign, including San Jose Democrat Mayor & Hillary Supporter Sam Liccardo.

Dhillon believes “that their inaction was colored by political viewpoint considerations.” Videos Below

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