Here Is A List Of TWENTY Sponsors To BOYCOTT After Jimmy’s Latest Anti-Trump Stunt

It appears Jimmy Kimmel is out of his element once again and looking for ratings among the “resist” crowd and his Hollywood buddies.

The anti-Trump late-night host hit a new low attacking President Trump and First Lady Melania while trying to mock their marriage. (Video Below)

Jimmy Kimmel during his show Thursday night, daydreamed about the recently released tapes on CNN between President Trump and former attorney Michael Cohen mocking how it could lead to the end of the president’s marriage with First Lady Melania Trump.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel said, “We have so much to get to — a veritable cornucopia of crazy. All stirred up by our Celebrity President, whose voice we heard on Tuesday night instructing his former lawyer to pay off a Playboy Playmate.”

He continued, “And now today we learn there are more tapes to be heard and shared with friends. Investigators reportedly have more than a hundred audio recordings of Michael Cohen chatting with and about Donald Trump.”

Kimmel went on to say, “Apparently, Cohen would record these calls and meetings on his iPhone, instead of taking notes. Because, it was easier than taking notes to record. I’m starting to think maybe Trump doesn’t hire all the best people. Turns out the only person in the world who uses the Voice Memo app on his iPhone is using it to tape the President of the United States.” (Video Below)

In the tapes released by CNN, Trump is heard talking with Cohen how they could purchase the rights to the story of Karen McDougal. However, CNN’s big nothing burger turned out to be President Trump asking politely for a can of coke.

Kimmel asked during his show, “After that tape the other day, the president is reportedly worried that these new revelations of infidelity could affect his marriage. Can you imagine? Imagine if Melania leaves Donald Trump while he is in office?”

“What if he has to give her the White House in the divorce settlement? How would that work? And if they did split up, you know if they split up he wouldn’t just lay low. He’d be out there dating. He’d be like, you know what, I think I might need to make a state visit to Sweden. Smooth a few things out over there.” He continued. (Video Below)

This is not the first time anti-Trump Jimmy Kimmel has attacked the President, his family, or the First Lady.

During Easter, the liberal host viciously mocked and attacked First Lady Melania Trump for her foreign accent during the Easter festivities at the White House.

Jealous Jimmy Kimmel laughed at the First Lady for reading a children’s story to the kids on the White House lawn.

Jimmy Kimmel crossed the line in a desperate act to be relevant. Kimmel will never have what President Trump has, and he can’t stand it.

Liberals think they can make fun of and attack conservatives without backlash, but, when someone stands up to them, they can’t take the heat.

However, we have provided a list of sponsors for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” 

(Video Below)

Here is a list of sponsors for Jimmy Kimmels late night show: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

This list is acquired from Sponsor Feedback:

  1. Applebee’s
  2. Buick
  3. Chase Bank
  4. Claritin
  5. Crown Royal
  6. Dairy Queen
  7. Delta Faucets
  8. Etrade
  9. Gillette
  10. Kia
  11. Lexus
  12. Liquid Plumr
  13. Mitsubishi Cars
  14. Nicorette
  15. Nissan
  16. Oscar Meyer
  17. Red Bull
  18. Slim Jim
  19. Twix
  20. Volvo

WATCH Kimmel’s anti-trump attack below:


President Trump responded to the recording played on CNN by questioning “what kind of a lawyer” would record his client.

It’s time conservatives speak out and stand up to the evil from the left against the First Family and stop laying down like dogs, while the left continues their vicious anti-Trump attacks.

Additionally, you can contact ABC at this LINK, or call 1-800-230-0229.

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