Rudy Drops A Saturday Night BOMB That Could Shatter Cohen’s Tape In A Million Pieces

The now infamous release of the Cohen tape took a wild new twist Saturday evening after President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani unveiled a new breakthrough regarding it.

Giuliani told FOX News that Cohen’s tape of the President discussing payment to a Playboy model may have been “played” with and is a “recording of the original recording”, as per two experts and retired FBI agents who analyzed the secretly recorded conversation. The former New York mayor appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show to shed more light on the latest discovery. Video Below

Rudy explained to Judge Jeanine that the latest chain of actions by Cohen is troubling, as he was loyal to Trump while serving as his attorney for over twenty years. And he is shocked at Cohen’s tactics, but not surprised as he heard stories over the years about Cohen’s character and “things he did.”

According to Giuliani, Cohen or his lawyer are the only people who could have leaked the tape to CNN under the current circumstances. But it wasn’t what was heard on the tape that concerns Rudy.

Rudy said, “He [Cohen] abruptly ended that recording as soon as the President said the word ‘check.’ What we are investigating is how did it happen? What actually did happen? What was eliminated?” Giuliani also said they’re concerned with how many other recordings did this happen to. And they are now seeking to gain access to the raw version of the tapes to get to the bottom of it.

That’s when Judge Jeanine saw exactly where Rudy was going with all of this. Video Below

Judge Jeanine pointed out that audio recordings that are not the full version or are tampered with are not admissible in court.

Rudy said although they are doing everything they can to get the raw tapes, there’s a narrow chance it will happen.

But regardless, Giuliani assured that Trump’s legal team is not concerned because what was released proves Trump did not do anything criminal. Video Below

Rudy Giuliani Discusses The Cohen Tape With Judge Jeanine Pirro

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In ending, do you think Michael Cohen is turning on the President? Or is the release of the tape some sort of strategy that will benefit the President in the end? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts and please SHARE!