As CA’s Straw Ban Gains Traction, James Woods Humiliates Moonbeam Back To The Crazy Cave

California and Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown gained their reputation legitimately. In the latest controversial law, the now infamous STRAW LAW can land you in jail as the law is currently written!

That’s right…sell a straw and BAM! to the slammer you go!

Specifically, it’s these constitution defying laws that has the rest of the United States looking at California and scratching their heads.

Tim Young, a political comedian and host of ‘No Things Considered,’ offers a funny take on a serious loss of freedom.

It starts with straws, and then what? Napkins or chewing gum? What will California ban next?

Well, that remains to be seen. Furthermore, James Woods tweets out what California isn’t banning!

Tim tweets, “What straws looked like when the Constitution was written vs. the assault straws of today.” 


Jokingly, James Woods tweets, “Gov. Brown will be setting up a California Office for Concealed Straw Carry. I urge California straw afficianadoes to be prudent in the use of this sacred right. To have your own personal plastic straw is a genuine privilege. We owe a lot to Jerry Brown for this opportunity.”

James has jokes too. He brings humor to another aspect of the STRAW LAW which is also very serious.

James Woods, actor and political activist brings up an excellent point. It’s the hypocrisy of banning something like a straw but California is totally okay, with say, hypodermic needles that they pass out like candy.

Specifically, the law is AB1743 which James is referencing. It states, “until January 1, 2021, authorize(s) a pharmacist or physician to provide an unlimited number of hypodermic needles and syringes to a person 18 years of age or older solely for his or her personal use.”

Moreover, the straw ban law was initiated to “adopt an ordinance banning the sale of plastic straws at beverage and food providers like coffee shops, smoothie bars, supermarkets, delis and restaurants.”

According to People, “the bill was passed unanimously by the committee on July 17, according to, but is currently being revised before being implemented on January 1, 2019.”

In ending, what do you think about California and their priorities?