Rudy Fights Back Laughter After Reporter Claims To Have The SMOKING GUN That’ll Oust Trump

Rudy Giuliani joined CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday morning discussing reports that Robert Mueller is now looking into whether President Trump’s tweets add up to obstruction of justice.

Mueller is looking at Trump’s tweets about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey, three sources told the New York Times. Mueller wants to question Trump about his tweets, the publication reported Thursday. (Video Below)

According to the Washington Examiner, in a wide-ranging investigation, Mueller is examining Trump’s conversations with Comey and Sessions, as well as other top administration officials, about the Russia probe; misleading White House statements; public attacks on key witnesses; and possible pardon offers made to potential witnesses, the report said.

Mueller would need credible witnesses and evidence showing Trump had criminal intent to make a strong case that the president obstructed justice.

Trump’s lawyers have argued Trump’s actions are not obstruction, and that he is merely defending himself against a “witch hunt.” Some of his lawyers have privately said, however, that they’re concerned Mueller is building an obstruction case.

One of Trump’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, brushed off Mueller’s examination of the tweets as desperation. “If you’re going to obstruct justice, you do it quietly and secretly, not in public,” he told the Times. (Video Below)

During Giuliani’s interview on CBS Sunday, the reporter brought up Mueller’s newest attempt into looking into the President’s tweets.

Immediately, Rudy couldn’t hold back his laughter, and most of America probably feels the same way.

Still she persisted and asked Giuliani if he has advised the President not to tweet about his Attorney General. Rudy instantly shot back, fighting back his laughter again declaring, “Good luck about tweeting!” (Video Below)

“First of all, obstruction by tweet is not something that I think works real well.” Rudy said, pointing out the obvious.

He continued, “Generally obstruction is secret, it’s clandestine, it’s corrupt. You don’t want the evidence out in the public. I’ve looked at all of those tweets and they don’t amount to anything.” 

Rudy stated that President Trump has a first amendment right to say what he wants, noting that there’s nothing there to get him- beyond the first amendment.

Additionally, Rudy added that the President’s tweets have been “very helpful.”

Furthermore, Giuliani explained that President Trump may not have to testify because he has laid out his whole defense on the Trump/Russia witch hunt.



Do you think Robert Mueller is pulling at strings in a desperate attempt to ruin the midterms? Why is Mueller changing his investigation now into something else? Isn’t it suppose to be about “collusion” with Russia? Mueller needs to be shut down! What a waste of tax payer money.

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