Jeb Bush Steps Out Of The Cracks & Makes A Stunning Admission About Trump

Former Florida Governer and 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Jeb Bush gained a reputation for being Anti-Trump during and after his failed bid in the 2016 election.

Despite his son George P. Bush’s fondness of Trump, Jeb still continued attacks on our President after the election, which has slowly simmered away over time. And in a recent statement, Bush actually made a jaw-dropping compliment directed at Trump. See Below

Being the fiscal conservative that he is, Jeb’s latest change of tone could be the result of President Trump’s successful handling of the U.S. economy.

In a recent tweet, Jeb praised President Trump and his policies after the GDP accelerated to 4.1% growth. He went even further by openly supporting Trump’s fight for a merit-based immigration system.

On Friday, Jeb Bush sounded off on what the 4.1% GDP means when he said:

“Today’s news confirms that 4% growth isn’t just aspirational, it’s achievable through policies that unleash the power of the market. Credit to @POTUS‘s economic policies. To sustain this growth, we must pursue a free trade agenda and move to a merit-based immigration system.” See Below


Perhaps Jeb is finally taking some advice from his son, George, who has time and time again voiced support for Trump’s America First Agenda.

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With a statement like this coming from a Bush brother and former arch rival, all signs suggesting that the Republican Party is becoming more unified than ever before.

And if this keeps up, it will be very good for the highly important November midterms. Should Democrats be worried? Scroll down below and let us know! We leave you with a classic high 5 between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump during a 2016 debate.