Trump Finds Easy Way To Combat The TDS Epidemic That Has Infiltrated MSM

President Trump was on a roll Sunday blasting the mainstream media and journalists who are suffering “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

His message comes directly to the American people, bypassing what the mainstream wants everyone to believe.

The President sent out a number of tweets slamming the fake news after his meeting at the White House with A.G. Sulzberger, Publisher of the New York Times.

President Trump said earlier Sunday morning, “Spent much time talking about the vast amounts of Fake News being put out by the media & how that Fake News has morphed into phrase, “Enemy of the People.” Sad!”

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Just hours after his meeting, the President grabbed his phone and blasted the media for their corrupt anti-Trump bias, noting they are driven insane by their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome!’ Additionally, he announced that he will never stop fighting for the American people despite their always negative coverage.

President Trump said, “When the media – driven insane by their Trump Derangement Syndrome – reveals internal deliberations of our government, it truly puts the lives of many, not just journalists, at risk! Very unpatriotic! Freedom of the press also comes with a responsibility to report the news accurately.”

He continued, “90% of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving, it’s no surprise that confidence in the media is at an all time low! I will not allow our great country to be sold out by anti-Trump haters in the dying newspaper industry.” (Continued Below)

The President concluded his beat down declaring, “No matter how much they try to distract and cover it up, our country is making great progress under my leadership and I will never stop fighting for the American people! As an example, the failing New York Times and the Amazon Washington Post do nothing but write bad stories even on very positive achievements – and they will never change!”

The Presidents tweets:

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President Trump is right when he says that 90% of media coverage of his administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results he is achieving.

Take CNN for example. The network has turned into tabloid propaganda. With their never-ending stories covering porn stars, sex scandals and Russia hysteria, it is no wonder that more and more people are waking up, seeing the light, and walking away.

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