Dan Rather Calls Trump ‘Orwellian’, James Woods Instantly Makes Him Regret It

Dan Rather is letting his star fade. Along with it, his once bright reputation as a CBS anchor and the man on the scene of the JFK assassination, is now floundering on the never-trump train.

And worse, his train seat is next to Don Lemon whose CNN broadcast, ranks lower than Nickelodeon.

Moreover, James Woods put Dan back in his place with Dan’s illogical comparison of Pres Trump to an Orwell novel.

Once upon a time, there is a book written by George Orwell in 1949, entitled “1984“.

Very basically, it was a tale of a society where individuality was banned. Furthermore, the entire population was made to conform to government. In part, through mass media.

In this Orwellian society, if an incident occurred and it is not what the government wanted the people to know, then it would erase any photos, newspaper reports or any film and thereby “re-writing” history.

The Hill tweets: Dan Rather: Trump criticism of media is “straight out of Orwell”  (See tweet below.)