Schumer Has Some Explaining To Do After What He’s Seen Doing To Putin In Resurfaced Video

Russia Russia Russia! Who else is tired of all the Russia/Putin/Trump collusion nonsense?

Additionally, a 2003 video of shameless Schumer BOWING to Putin is, well, frankly, hilariously hypocritical! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The pair were seen in a New York gas station. This is the same occasion where the photo of Schumer eating a doughnut with Putin was born.

In 2003 Shumer bows to Putin. Photo credit to

In 2003 Schumer bows to Putin. Photo credit to

It was for the “opening of a Lukoil gas station in Manhattan.” Besides Putin, Schumer also met with Lukoil President Vagit Alekperov, per USA Today.

The video; however, is even better than the doughnut.

Schumer walks and talks and LITERALLY BOWS to the Russian President. In 2003, Schumer was a junior senator. And it shows!

This from the man who says, “It’s time for the Republican Party to walk the walk,” as reports The Hill that Schumer said less than two weeks ago.

What walk is that, Schumer? THIS ONE?! Ha ha ha!

WATCH as Chuck Schumer BOWS to the Russian President and Russian Oil Mogul! 

And just to hit the point home of exactly how disastrously the Democrats are handling their reputation. Check out this Harris Poll.

Additionally, one of the questions of the Harris Poll was “Do you approve of the way the Democratic Party is handling it’s job?”

Specifically, the answer is an astounding 55% of the American population DISAPPROVE strongly or somewhat of the way Democrats are handling it’s job. 

In closing, on a scale of one to ten with ten making you laugh the hardest, how funny is that video of Schumer bowing to Putin?!