New Emails Reveal Strzok’s Dirty Swamp Trick To Potentially Manipulate The Witch Hunt

[Image source: PBS Newshour & Fox News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

In December of last year, Judicial Watch sued for the emails regarding FBI Agent Strzok‘s transition to the Mueller Witch Hunt team.

Tom Fitton discovers in newly released emails, that Strzok fought really hard to keep his FBI security clearance!

A quick review.

Remember, it was Strzok who was in charge of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. After he did his dirty work there, he then transitioned to Mueller’s team to investigate President Trump’s campaign for Russian collusion.

Moreover, JW states, “The DOJ’s IG report destroyed the credibility of both the DOJ and FBI. Plus, it confirms what JW has revealed for almost two years now. Obama’s DOJ & FBI investigation of Clinton was rushed, rigged, & compromised by anti-Trump & pro-Clinton bias & actions.” 

Specifically, it was Strzok who changed the wording from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

Grossly negligent is the exact verbiage used in the statute to criminally prosecute.

In turn, Comey used the phrase “extremely careless” in his now famous address to the American people where he acted as judge and jury.

Additionally, Comey did not recommend prosecution for Clinton on her mishandling of National secrets using an unauthorized and unprotected server.

Judicial Watch discovers that Strzok wanted his security clearance on the Witch Hunt after he finished manipulating the Clinton email scandal case.

The emails reveal Strzok begging for his security clearance from Counterintelligence Division William Priestap. Strzok says:

“Broadly, I need to be able to act at least in the capacity of my old CD DAD job – approve NSLs [national security letters], conduct [redacted] declassify information, [redacted] agent travel, requisitions, etc.  Of those, the most problematic and one of the most essential is declassification authority.”

Priestep then replies:

“In answer to your initial question, while assigned to the Special Counsel’s office, you will retain your CD DAD authorities, to include declassification authority. Since you will take your non-transferrable declassification authority with you, CD will work to obtain another declassification authority slot for the DAD who is chosen to replace you. Assuming the 7th floor approves, you will remain on CD’s books as a fourth (floating) DAD.  When you move on from your DAD position, your DAD slot will revert back to HRD.”

President of Judicial Watch breaks it down in simple terms and notes:

“These new emails show anti-Trump FBI official Peter Strzok’s ‘assignment’ gave the Mueller Special Counsel operation special authorities to target President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. We know Strzok can’t be trusted and the Special Counsel should tell us if Strzok abused his special authorities to target President Trump.”

To view the 14 pages obtained by America’s Watch Dog click here.


“BREAKING: JW released 14 pages of FBI docs on FBI agent Peter Strzok, showing Strzok insisted on retaining his FBI security clearance before joining Mueller’s team & confirming Strzok played a pivotal role in the flawed Clinton email investigation.”

Judicial Watch Tweets: 

In closing, does it surprise you to see this level of corruption from Strzok? What do you think about him?