Right Before Trump Arrived In FL, Jim Immediately Gets Fed To The Wolves In EPIC Fashion

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was reporting from a rally in Tampa, FL where President Trump is set to speak soon.

While he was on air reporting with Wolf Blitzer, the crowd gave Acosta a message about how they felt. (Videos Below)

As Trump supporters eagerly await President Trump’s arrival in Tamp, FL, supporters heckled Jim Acosta as he prepared to do a live shot on air.

Many videos of the interaction are surfacing online, which feature rally go-er’s shouting “boo” in the direction of Acosta.

Another video shows the crowd chanting “CNN sucks” and “you’re a liar” at Acosta.

The videos surface as the president prepares to speak at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, who is running in this year’s Republican primary against state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. The primary will take place on Aug. 28. (Videos Below)

This isn’t the first time Trump supporters have heckled Acosta. In June, the crowd awaiting Trump‘s rally in South Carolina began chanting, “Go home, Jim!” Crowd members also chanted “CNN sucks.”

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On Monday, President Trump held a joint press meeting with Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister at the White House. After the meeting and during a photo op, Acosta was called out and shut down by a staffer for shouting questions, after being told the meeting was over and to exit the room. (Videos Below)

This is how Trump supporters feel about CNN-the tabloid network and Jim Acosta.

Check out the videos and pictures below:

A different angle:

(Continued Below)


CNN certainly deserves to be called fake news while they keep pushing their nothing burger Russia collusion stories, porn-star and sex scandal tabloid drama, and 95% anti-Trump bias propaganda.

It’s no wonder nobody trusts CNN.

Furthermore, CNN doesn’t broadcast the live Trump rallies, and if they do, they tend to break away and start talking about Russia again. With that being said, why is Acosta even there?

How does CNN like it when people yell at their reporters- like they yell at President Trump and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders? 

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