Trump Makes The Crowd Erupt Into LAUGHTER With The Stunt He Just Pulled On Stage

President Trump held an EXPLOSIVE rally in Tampa, Florida Tuesday night endorsing Gov. Rick Scott and Rep. Ron DeSantis ahead of the November midterms.

The turnout was massive, like all of his rallies, however, many were outside who didn’t get to make it in. But, this time there was a large screen and speakers outside broadcasting the rally. (Video Below)

During the rally Tuesday night, the President had everyone pumped up and in MAGA mode with his classic Trump rally energy.

He knows exactly how to energize his base while getting straight to the point on matters, but also being classic Trump without the script.

And just as everyone hoped, classic Trump was there and made a hilarious joke. He went off script during the middle of the rally, joking around about being too serious.

He said, “It’s a lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do. Anybody can act like a President.” (Video Below)

Next, he acted out walking around like a stiff board and pretending to be very serious and Presidential. This immediately had everyone erupt into laughter.

He waved his arms afterwards implying “get that stuff outta here!” Meaning, he’s not a phony and doesn’t play the part.

This is classic Trump! We love it! (Video Below)

WATCH this hilarious moment below:

CLASSIC TRUMP! Don’t you just love him? 

Additionally, if you missed the crowd chanting a message to CNN and Jim Acosta check it out HERE. <—-

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