DiGenova Asked What He Thinks Of Rosenstein & Wray, Suddenly All Hell Breaks Loose

DiGenova joins Sean on The Sean Hannity Show. It breaks all records as the number one rated show across ALL cable networks!

With raw and explosive interviews like this one, it’s easy to see WHY! (VIDEO BELOW.)

And when Sean asks diGenova if the American people have to put up with corruption, diGenova tells it like it is.

First, Sean states to Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney, “I am skeptical of ANY concession to THIS team of prosecutors that Robert Mueller has put together. Looking at what Judge Ellis said about what they’re REALLY doing in the Manafort case.”

Furthermore, Sean ends with, “I DON’T TRUST THEM.” 

And diGenova turns the tables on what is and what is NOT legitimate!

DiGenova says, “Well, there’s no question that the Mueller investigation is ILLEGITIMATE in the sense that Rod Rosenstein should have NEVER have appointed Mueller who had a conflict of interest. 

Specifically, Joe says, “He was interviewed for the FBI Director and the next day he was appointed Special CounselRod Rosenstein is either a witness or a co-conspirator in the case if there’s an obstruction because of the firing of James Comey.” 

Rosenstein should have never have made the appointment. He shouldn’t be involved. He approved one of the FISA warrants. And more to come on that in the next few weeks, by the way,” diGenova tells Hannity.

DiGenova continues, “But here’s the point, the President SHOULD NOT BE INTERVIEWED by these people. His attorney’s should obviously, and I know they will, do what they can to advise him not to do an interview.

This is an illegitimate investigation. It’s a perjury trap even though the President cannot be indicted for anything.

The problem is…this is an effort to use the Grand Jury process for impeachment purposes. 

That is an unconstitutional use of the Grand Jury. And they should fight it. If the President refuses to testify. And if Bob Mueller issues a subpoena. The President will WIN in the Supreme Court,” Joe says.

Sean breaks then ramps it up to the next level and asks why isn’t Hillary indicted?

DiGenova then breaks into an epic and raw recounting of exactly what is happening in this great Country today!

“Well, Sean one of the great lessons in this entire affair is that there are two standards of justice now in the United States. And they’re both being applied by the FBI and the DOJ. If you’re a Democrat you get a pass. If you’re a Republican – you don’t.”

Sean asks, “Do we have to accept that?” (VIDEO BELOW.)

DiGenova breaks out into raw emotion, he says, “No. We do not. I never thought I would hear myself say those words. I have never been more disgusted with my Alma Matre the Department of Justice under Rod Rosenstein. And the FBI under Chris Wray.”

Then he says it. “Two incompetent empty suits who care about one thing, their own future. Their next job.”

DiGenova does not let them off the hook though, he continues, “And what they have done to put this Country through. Rod Rosenstein has put this Country through over the last 18 months. May he rot in hell for it!”  

WATCH the explosive interview below:

In ending, do you agree with diGenova? Are you equally disgusted by the actions of the Obama era DOJ and FBI? Specifically, Rosenstein and Wray? Drop your comment below and hit the subscribe button for more great content.