Nunes Drops A Bomb & Discloses What Rosenstein Is Hiding In The Redacted FISA Docs

Devin Nunes (CA-R) drops another BOMB on the Mueller team about the FISA application!

Moreover, he is throwing down what they are all trying to hide from the American people!  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Comey’s own words are coming back to haunt him!

Devin shows how the special counsel was started with the fake dossier. Then the “salacious and unverified dossier” was used to obtain a secret court’s warrant.

Then the FISA warrant was used to spy on an American, Carter Page from a competing Presidential campaign!

Rewind to July 26th when Comey was on the Fox News interview with Brett Baier. 

Comey was on camera when Brett asks him, point-blank, if the dirty dossier was a “critical part” in obtaining the FISA warrant.

Specifically, Comey tell Baier, “My recollection was it was part of a BROADER MOSAIC of facts that were laid before the FISA judge to obtain a FISA warrant.

As it turns out, when the FISA application became available to the public recently, Comey was lying.

The dirty dossier was indeed a bulk of the reason why the warrant was granted to spy on Carter Page.

Forward to last night, Devin Nunes speaks to Tucker Carlson.

Tucker first reminds us the application has been released and yet it is heavily redacted. Tucker speaks to Devin because Devin has seen the unredacted FISA application.

And as Tucker points out, he has not seen it. And neither have you nor I.

Devin calls for the twenty pages to be declassified by the President since Rod Rosenstein won’t let the American people see it.

Devin tells Tucker, “We believe if the public saw that information. They would have a VERY clear picture to WHAT Director Comey called a MOSIAC.” 

Continuing he says, “And I think the public needs to understand what is this MOSIAC that was created by the FBI, fed to the DOJ, fed to a FISA court in order to SPY ON AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and effectively get information directly to the Trump campaign.” BOOM! 

WATCH as Devin haunts Comey with his own words! 

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